BAD HOMBURG, Germany, March 31 /PRNewswire/ -- The bankruptcy of Flash Memory manufacturer Spansion is leaving OEMs wondering how they can continue production of designs which rely on Spansion components. The specialized Memory Distributor, Memphis Electronic is ready to recommend drop in replacements to facilitate seamless continuation of production.

In most cases we can offer drop in solutions from Amic, EON and other manufacturers already on our linecard. We are also urging these Flash Manufacturers to bring more Spansion alternatives to the market. Additionally, we are helping our customers with the procurement of remaining stock, by offering advice on design changes which will require the least effort, said Thorsten Wronksi, President, Memphis Electronic AG.

Currently, some manufacturers are issuing production guarantees to assuage customer concerns. For example, Amic guarantees the production of 5V Flashes for the next five years, and is entertaining the idea of developing new 16Mbit and 32Mbit 5V Flashes - assuming enough of our customers express interest, added Wronski. Shortly we will be able to offer the first samples from EON of their Spansion S29GL compatible Uniform-Sector Flashes.

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Memphis Electronic AG was founded in 1991 as a distributor of memory modules. Because of the rising demand for memory ICs Memphis began developing and producing its own memory modules. Later, the company expanded its operations to include distribution of products purchased directly from IC manufacturers. Memphis Electronic AG has branches and logistics centres in Bad Homburg, Germany; London, UK; Barcelona, Spain; Hong Kong, China; and Houston, USA. As a special distributor of memory products Memphis Electronic can offer its customers products that are best suited to the current market situation. For more information, please go to

Press contact: Marco Mezger Memphis Electronic AG Tel: +49(0)6172-903542 Email:

Press contact: Marco Mezger, Memphis Electronic AG, Tel: +49(0)6172-903542, Email: