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Micrel Inc., (Nasdaq: MCRL), an industry leader in analog, high bandwidth communications and Ethernet IC solutions, today launched a new 4.25Gbps FP/DFB Laser Diode Driver. The SY88422L is a single 3.3V supply, small form-factor laser driver capable of delivering up to 90mA modulation current and 100mA bias current. This driver, in combination with Micrel's MIC3002 controller and SY88403L 4.25G limiting post amplifier, is an ideal solution for intermediate-reach and long-reach SFF, SFP, and LX-4 module designs in multi-rate MAN, WAN, SAN and LAN applications up to 4.25Gbps, including FC, GbE, SONET/SDH, and WDM. The SY88422L is offered in a tiny 16-pin 3mm x 3mm MLF(R) package. The IC is available in volume and pricing starts at US$3.30 for 1K quantity. Micrel also offers a complete SFP module reference design consisting of SY88422L, MIC3002, and 4.25Gbps limiting post amplifier SY88403L. Samples can now be ordered on line on Micrel's web site at:

"The release of the SY88422L Laser Diode Driver gives our customers a greater flexibility in their SFP module designs," noted Thomas S. Wong, Vice President of High Bandwidth Products. "Not only does the SY88422L feature exceptional drive capabilities, but it is designed to easily interface with the Micrel MIC3002 microcontroller. When coupled with Micrel's SY88403L 4.25 Gbps Limiting Post Amplifier, this provides customers with a complete, cost-effective 4.25G multi-rate transceiver solution."

The SY88422L is the newest addition to Micrel's extensive fiber optics product line. It offers high drive current, integrated bias and low core power consumption making it the ideal driver for FP/DFB lasers in SFP modules. The driver's integrated bias option removes the need for external transistors, which saves board space, reduces cost, and simplifies design. The IC is equipped with a bias monitoring output to give designers the ability to track the bias current output and monitor laser aging over time. The bias current can be set by Micrel's advanced microcontroller, the MIC3002. The device also accepts a wide range of input signals, ranging from 100mVpp to 2400mVpp, and has internal 50-Ohm terminations.

The SY88422L and MIC3002 combination gives the user unprecedented control over laser output and error diagnostics. The MIC3002 can automatically adjust the bias current of the SY88422L to compensate for temperature variations and laser deterioration over time. This combination also allows the user to utilize various diagnostic circuitry of the MIC3002 to monitor the transmission performance. In addition, since the MIC3002 can operate with up to four identical memory addresses, the SY88422L and MIC3002 combination can fit seamlessly into the LX-4 modules.

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