ORLANDO, Florida, April 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Miltenyi Biotec today announces the worldwide release and availability of the MACSQuant(R) VYB, a compact, benchtop flow cytometer featuring violet, yellow, and blue lasers, and detection of 10 optical parameters. The MACSQuant VYB enables easy but sophisticated multiparametric analysis of fluorescent protein-expressing cells, stem cell characterization, and much more. With this launch, the leading provider of tools and services for cell separation and analysis technologies extends the scope and power of its flow cytometry business.

The MACSQuant VYB expands the instrument range that began with the popular MACSQuant(R) Analyzer, which marked the beginning of a new era in benchtop flow cytometric analyses when it was first introduced. Offering a wider range for detection of fluorescent markers, the newly configured optical layout opens up a wealth of new possibilities for scientific researchers in experimental design and methodology. Additional features, such as absolute cell counting, rare cell enrichment, autolabeling, and automated analysis of 96-well plates, set the MACSQuant instruments in a class of their own.

"With unique and unparalleled features, the MACSQuant VYB is set to really excite the world of flow cytometry," comments Shane Oram, Business Manager Cell Analysis, Miltenyi Biotec, speaking at the AACR meeting in Orlando, Florida. "Users can broaden their research capabilities by detecting a greater number of fluorescent proteins simultaneously. With its benchtop design and attractive price any researcher can now have access to this powerful system, allowing them to acquire meaningful data easily and more quickly."

Further information on the MACSQuant VYB, and the full range of supporting products and services that form Miltenyi Biotec's cell analysis portfolio - including fluorochromes, antibodies, pre-titered antibody cocktails, out-of-the-box analysis kits, and 24-hour real-time support - can be found at http://www.macsquant.com.

From sample preparation through cell separation, cell culture, and cell analysis, this new offering further cements Miltenyi Biotec's reputation as the only company to offer a seamless experimental integration path.