MILAN, June 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Exciting news from Mirial, the Italian provider of products and solution for visual communication on IP, 3G and IMS networks.

The company today launched a new release of its Mirial Softphone, an advanced software client for audio/video conferencing and remote collaboration, which is now available for Apple Mac OSX operating system.

While the demand for video conferencing solutions that interoperate smoothly with both Windows and Mac-based computers keeps growing, the availability of such solutions on the market is still lacking comments Cristoforo Mione, VP Business Development at Mirial. Being based on visual communication standards just like its older versions, the new Mirial Softphone will finally allow Mac users to collaborate remotely, share their desktop and set up video conferencing sessions in SD to Full-HD resolution not only with other Mac or PC users, but also with those relying on any standard SIP or H.323 audio/video communication devices, such as room conferencing systems or other equipments. This innovation is bound to bring concrete, remarkable benefits to the enterprises and to contribute in making professional environments more and more efficient and interconnected.

The new Mirial Softphone can be purchased or downloaded in a fully-featured, 30-day trial version on

About Mirial

Mirial (formerly DyLogic) engineers cutting-edge products for audio and video communication over convergent networks. The company portfolio includes a comprehensive set of solutions targeted to carriers, service providers and enterprises, enabling hosted 3G, IP and IMS audio/video services and professional SD and HD videoconferencing. Mirial products and solutions are available at the company's sales representatives and resellers worldwide.

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Mirial s.u.r.l., Via Donatello 30, 20131 Milan, Italy, P: +39-0226627811, F: +39-0226627812

Mirial s.u.r.l., Via Donatello 30, 20131 Milan, Italy, P: +39-0226627811, F: +39-0226627812