MILAN, April 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Exploit existing H.323 equipment, set up efficient deployments, promote cost-effective innovation: three good reasons why a service provider or an enterprise should want to leverage on our product. This is how Cristoforo Mione, VP Business Development at Mirial, introduces the PSE H.323/SIP Gateway (PSE.HSGW), a network appliance enabling smooth audio and video communication between H.323 and SIP equipments. Like every solution born inside the Mirial labs, the PSE H.323/SIP Gateway is designed with great attention to the customers' everyday needs: it is tested to integrate seamlessly into any existing H.323 or SIP scenario, so that users still leveraging on legacy H.323 equipment are enabled to converge to advanced SIP networks and take advantage of VVoIP-based audio/video applications. This means extended opportunities for carriers and service providers without the need of extra-investments.

Unlike similar platforms on the market, the PSE.HSGW is natively designed for pure H.323/SIP signaling interoperability: this allows to implement effective architectures and avoid overkills - e.g., deployments in which expensive MCUs are left mostly unemployed, used with the unique purpose of translating H.323 to SIP or viceversa.

The product is fully scalable and features comprehensive logging and CDR generation for the maximum effectiveness and reliability.

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