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One of the vital duties of NAVIGON's navigation devices is to determine the best possible route. The new navigators being presented at CeBIT 2009 even give recommendations based on the personal driving style of the user. This intelligent feature, which is used in all new NAVIGON devices and brings a really personal note to navigation, is called MyRoutes.

Route planning that considers individual driving styles, the day of the week and the time of day: with the MyRoutes feature, NAVIGON is the first manufacturer to include personalised route guidance in its new range of projects. This feature is pre-installed in all devices of the new product range, which will be presented at CeBIT 2009. The activation of MyRoutes allows navigation devices to take the personal driving style of the user into account when recommending routes. Route recommendations are based on the personal driving behaviour of the user, the day of the week, and the time of day. MyRoutes always shows the best possible route for the driver on the basis of his or her driving behaviour and by means of an optical MyRoute indicator. In addition to this recommended route, up to two alternatives are displayed.

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