VICTORIA, Canada, January 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Neverblue, a premier global lead generation network announced today the public launch of its Server-to-Server (S2S) tracking system. S2S technologies are aimed at minimizing lead tracking issues which can be created by consumer browser settings, mobile browsers, new web browsers and plug-ins that block and/or remove cookies.

S2S is the latest addition to Neverblue's arsenal of tracking technologies said Gavin Aitken, Director of Technology at Neverblue. It integrates seamlessly and extends classical pixel tracking technologies thereby improving the overall reliability of performance-based tracking by connecting the advertiser's tracking technology directly to Neverblue's.

This new technology is being rapidly adopted by Neverblue's top-tier performance advertisers looking for a competitive edge. By integrating Neverblue's S2S tracking system, advertisers' campaigns can end up driving up to 10% more conversions. This improvement can become the competitive differentiator attracting high caliber publishers who are always seeking to optimize the value of their traffic.

Top publishers are gravitating toward campaigns that have both pixel and S2S tracking because the metrics promise improved ROI. It's pretty exciting how things spiral up; a 2% gain in conversion on a given campaign can be parlayed by a top publisher into higher bids, better placements, and a dominant market position said Aitken, We've seen this can then result in more than a 10% surge in quality lead generation.

Neverblue makes this new technology available to top advertisers free of charge and encourages all of the industry leaders to add S2S tracking to their campaigns. It only takes a few hours to implement and is compatible with all major web development software.

Many of our largest advertisers integrated the technology quickly when we quietly launched in late 2009 and are enjoying the associated gains. This new tracking technology is simply another step forward, aimed at improving performance marketing for both affiliates and advertisers said Hakan Lindskog, President and CEO, Neverblue. Neverblue is one of an elite group of networks who have created their own proprietary tracking platforms. We are recognized as an industry leader for our performance marketing technology and will continue to invest strategically.

About Neverblue

Based in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Neverblue is a premier global lead generation network that delivers millions of profitable customers to clients from all over the world, including members of the Fortune 1000(TM). Neverblue is a wholly-owned, Canadian subsidiary company of Vertrue Inc., an $800 million Internet direct marketing services company.

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