KIEL, Germany, November 5 /PRNewswire/ -- LaserSoft Imaging(R) presents a unique solution for fast and easy archiving of slides, negatives and reflective originals. With the new SilverFast(R) Archive Suite you get a bundle of two programs: SilverFast Ai IT8 Studio and SilverFast HDR(R) Studio. An integrated Color Management System meets professional standards.

Using the intelligent auto-frame-finding-function and the fast saving of originals into lossless HDR file formats (48Bit RAW data) enables you to digitize whole image-collections quickly. That's how you effectively prevent your pictures from being destroyed or getting lost.

The combination of SilverFast Multi-Exposure(R) and patented IT8 calibration provides the best quality and safety possible. You have to calibrate only once, since calibration data is embedded into the files. Automatic synchronization of Gamma-values of 48Bit data secures predictable and consistent brightness and color reproduction between SilverFast Ai and HDR.


After scanning with SilverFast(R) Ai you convert the RAW files with SilverFast HDR(R). The process of converting utilizes the HiRepp(R) function. HiRepp means stunning fast opening of huge files in real time and being able to work on them almost instantly.


About LaserSoft Imaging:

LaserSoft Imaging was founded in spring 1986 by physicist Karl-Heinz Zahorsky, president of the company. SilverFast is regarded as standard software for scanners and digital cameras for beginners and professionals alike. It's bundled by many manufacturers like Canon, Epson, Microtek, Nikon, Plustek, UMAX and others.

With world-wide over 2 million versions sold SilverFast is the most successful Scansoftware of the world.

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Contact, LaserSoft Imaging AG, Philipp Haarlaender, Luisenweg 6 - 8, 24105 Kiel, Germany, Phone: + 49(0)431-560-09-0, Fax: + 49(0)431-560-09-96, Email: philipp.haarlaender'at'