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- Powered by Adobe(R) Air(TM), nomee tames the chaos of Web-based networking by centralizing access and updates for more than 100 social sites

As the number of new social networking sites entering the market continues to grow, it's becoming harder to keep up with contacts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all the other web locations where friends and professionals gather online. nomee ( has solved the problem with its new all-in-one software tool for social networking. Powered by Adobe(R) Air(TM), nomee is the first desktop application that helps you organize and manage myriad social networks and countless online relationships from a single interface. The nomee personal dashboard aggregates all your favorite social networking sites, giving you one place to organize your online relationships, share your information, follow newsmakers, and even publish your own news. nomee will be demonstrating its beta release in booth 621 at Web 2.0 Expo here this week.

nomee is designed to simplify social networking by organizing all your online relationships in a single location, making it easy to focus on who you want to connect with, when you want to connect. nomee also delivers instant desktop updates using the nomee-newstream(R), so you can see who has new status or content without having to log into a specific web site. nomee essentially brings the updates to you from hundreds of locations. In addition, nomee lets you customize the information you want to share, pointing your contacts to the web sites you want them to see. It also alerts your contacts when you post updates or new content, including providing custom updates to different friends and business associates.

The whole concept of social networking is to connect with people, not to track multiple web sites, said Kevin Mokarow, Founder and CEO of nomee. nomee tames the chaos. It puts you back in control of your relationships and your online reputation.

Because nomee tracks more than 100 sites - including Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Digg - you no longer have to keep track of where your friends or associates hang out online because nomee does the work for you.

It's like having an RSS feed for yourself and your contacts, Mokarow added.

In addition to friends and associates, nomee allows you to follow your favorite celebrities, sports teams and other areas of interest through its exclusive nomee newsmaker cards. Just download the free nomee newsmaker cards, and you are a click away from your favorite people and your passions. And you can become your own nomee newsmaker by collecting links on your nomee card and posting it for download from your blog or website, so your fans can track you.

The beta version of the nomee desktop application is available free for download from

About nomee, inc., was launched in 2008 to develop software that addresses the challenges and dilemmas created when we participate in multiple online social networks. Not another site, nomee is software that organizes and monitors them all. The company's flagship application and namesake, nomee, offers users simplified control and customization over all of their information - not just who you follow, but what you share and with whom. nomee allows you to distribute different sites and levels of access to different audiences, so they always have the latest information about the me you want them to know. nomee is developing similar solutions for corporate and mobile users. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, nomee was founded by Kevin Mokarow and is privately funded. For more information, visit nomee on the web at

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