SAN FRANCISCO, November 23, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- On Tuesday, November 16, 2010 the Shanghai Lu Wan District People's Law Court of the People's Republic of China ruled in favor of the plaintiff, United Business Media LLC (UBM), against defendants Publishers Association of China Game Publication Committee (CGPA), and Beijing Howell International Trade Fair Co. Ltd. (Howell) with regard to actions around UBM's GDC China trade shows. This is the first court judgment pertaining to this lawsuit in China.

In the decision, CGPA and Howell were formally penalized for violation of the "PRC Anti-unfair Competition Law" and its principles of exercising voluntariness, equality, fairness, honesty and credibility, and generally recognized business ethics in the market place.

The winning plaintiff, United Business Media, is the parent company of the UBM TechWeb Game Network - producers and owners of the worldwide Game Developers Conferences(R), including the original GDC, held annually in California for over two decades.

The first Game Developers Conference China was held in fall of 2007 as a joint partnership between UBM and IDG China World Expo. After a year of preparation between the two groups for the inaugural event, UBM and IDG added the CGPA and Howell as partners less than one month before doors opened to attendees -- in an effort to provide holistic support for the games industry in China.

After the success of the first conference, the groups planned to work together for the second event in 2008. Instead, disputes and delays caused no event to take place in 2008, with dissolution of the three partnerships.

To the surprise and confusion of many, the CGPA and Howell announced an event named "China Game Developers Conference," adjacent to the Howell-run ChinaJoy consumer event in the summer of 2009 - claiming themselves as the main organizers or "Organizing Units" for the inaugural 2007 event. UBM continued to also produce the 2nd rendition of the official event in 2009 under the name: Game Developers Conference(TM) China.

Earlier last week, the courts ruled that the CGPA was just a "Supporting Unit" to the 2007 Game Developers Conference in China, with no evidence of themselves as "Organizing Units." Furthermore, the courts deemed the CGPA's subsequent acts of intentionally misrepresenting themselves as official/original show producers of the 2007 event- with no supporting facts - in writing and in invitations to its members restricting them from attending the UBM produced GDC China event was an of abuse of their power. This caused harm and damages to UBM, as well as violated the country's "PRC Anti-unfair Competition Law."

The Shanghai courts also deemed that a series of actions and defaming public testimonials from CGPA after the 2007 event towards UBM is considered slander, and adversely affected UBM's business.

In addition, the courts deemed that Howell knew that the CGPA were not official "Organizing Units" to the event, and yet still endorsed and aided the CGPA in promotions (sending false messages to the Shanghai Lian Xian Tang Advertisement Broadcasting Co., Ltd. to be broadcasted), further compounding negative goodwill and business effects for UBM.

Notable court-mandated rulings against the CGPA include it being ordered:

- To immediately stop its unfair competition which restrains its members from participating in the Game Developers Conference(TM) China - To immediately stop its commercial slander towards UBM - To immediately stop its misleading false promotion - To publish a statement of clarification on the homepage of its website ( for 48 consecutive hours

Notable court-mandated rulings against Howell include it being ordered:

- To stop its unfair competition against UBM - To deliver a written statement to Shanghai Lian Xian Tang Advertisement Broadcasting Co., Ltd. to eliminate the adverse effects caused by its Earlier accusations against UBM

"Though it has been a long struggle over the past three years, we are proud of our continued ability to produce the Game Developers Conference China," said Meggan Scavio GDC Director. "We sincerely hope that we can now move forward to more completely fulfill our goal of supporting and serving the Chinese game community."

The Official 2010 Game Developers Conference(TM) China will take place December 5-7 at the International Shanghai Convention Center, Shanghai China. For more information on this event please visit

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