LONDON and MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS, BARCELONA, February 11 /PRNewswire/ -- OMTP is proud to announce the newest release of its BONDI terminal initiative which is gaining increasing industry support. Version 1.1 ( comes at a significant time in the evolution of BONDI with new announcements and demonstrations of implementations and applications across a range of platforms during Mobile World Congress 2010. BONDI device API specifications are designed to be used in conjunction with its security framework by any current and future application ecosystem.

In less than two years, BONDI has emerged as the application runtime for mobile devices. BONDI is supported by key operators and vendors around the world. It provides the opportunity for a real cross platform environment for the deployment of web based applications. Developers will benefit from attractive features and consistent terminal implementations, truly driving the development of web applications.

The final release of version 1.1 cements over six months of industry feedback on the previous version 1.01 and significantly improves the specifications to enable commercial implementations of BONDI to prosper during 2010. A key feature of the 1.1 release is its compliance to the W3C Widgets: Packaging and Compliance specification. The new version also improves the usability of the BONDI security mechanisms and provides enhancements to a range of the BONDI APIs. As a W3C member, OMTP has already submitted preliminary versions of BONDI into W3C.

Work within OMTP is already commencing on version 1.5 of BONDI which will introduce access to a new set of features to the online web development community. Developers in the future will have access to functions such as smartcard features, phone functionalities, sensors and Bluetooth connectivity. Version 1.5 is expected to have its candidate release in spring 2010.

OMTP is delighted to be releasing version 1.1 of BONDI at this important time. This new release has taken much industry feedback to produce specifications and a reference implementation which become the new baseline for BONDI implementations. said Tim Raby, Managing Director, OMTP. We are constantly working on ways to develop the specification so that developers can truly benefit from further enhanced features and consistent environments, driving the creation and uptake of exciting mobile services.

Ryu Koriyama, CEO of Aplix Corporation says We are strongly supportive of the BONDI effort to create an industry standard, with openness and security as core architectural principles. Having been instrumental in the creation of the specification and RI, we look forward to successful deployment of commercial BONDI products in 2010, and the new generation of services that will be enabled as a result.

With the final release of BONDI 1.1, the mass market of mobile applications and services can be facilitated in a consistent and secure manner and draw increased operators attention and participation. KT is currently working on the development of a web platform based upon BONDI 1.1, which is expected to lead to an explosion in mobile data. said Kyeong-Soo Lee, Executive Vice President of Convergence Wibro BU, KT.

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