READING, England, June 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Opsera Limited, the UK's leading provider of Open Source software and services, today announces the release of OpsMailmanager version 1.5.

OpsMailmanager automates the filing of email messages and attachments into Alfresco's Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software. Using the IMAP standard to work with all major email clients - including MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird and Novell Groupwise - OpsMailmanager improves your organisational efficiency, reduces information duplication and saves expensive storage space.

By storing emails alongside other documents, you can share, search and secure all your organisations' information in one place, and boost collaboration.

OpsMailmanager and Alfresco ECM together enable organisations to implement an integrated email and document information management strategy that benefits from the openness and cost effectiveness of an Open Source software subscription model.

This release delivers improved scalability and performance for enterprises, increases the options for automatic email filing, and provides improvements for Lotus Notes users.

Key new features for OpsMailmanager version 1.5 include:

- Improved scalability and performance - via implementation of the new Apache James 3.0 IMAP protocol and improved mailbox caching and management processes - Send emails directly into Alfresco, without needing to drag drop from your email system - via SMTP-enabled message handling - Improved message handling features for Lotus Notes users - Attachment stripping - configure OpsMailmanager to remove unwanted email attachments such as logos, to further save storage space - Extract more attachment types - extract and save attachments in jpeg format, and extract documents from subfolders in .zip files - View and manage your Alfresco document information, and kick-off workflows, from your email system - Improved preview of emails from within Alfresco - Internationalised system error messages - improved user experience for non-native English speakers

Michael Walton, CEO of Opsera, said: I am delighted that we have been able to launch this new release of OpsMailmanager with a significant increase in functionality. Many of the new features have been driven by specific feedback from our customers and partners, as well as our own understanding of the features required for complete Email and Information Management.

John Powell, CEO of Alfresco Software, added: Customers will welcome the new OpsMailmanager functionality as a cost-effective way of extending their open source ECM solution and addressing the growing challenge of email management. Partner developments such as Opsera's email integration further extend the value of the Alfresco open source eco-system.

For more information on OpsMailmanager, to try out the Demo, or to download a free 30-day Trial, go to:


STOP PRESS!!: Come along and hear Opsera talk about Email management at the Inbox-Outbox event in London on June 16th-17th.

Contact: Sharon Duckworth Opsera, Tel: +44(0)845-057-7887; Email:

Contact: Sharon Duckworth, Opsera, Tel: +44(0)845-057-7887; Email: