NORTHAMPTON, England, June 24 /PRNewswire/ --

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NORTHAMPTON, England, June 24 /PRNewswire/ --

How Green Is Your Nursery? That was the workshop presented by Eileen Colts-Tegg and Pamela Dori-Bishop at the NDNA Annual Conference & Awards in Manchester.

Focusing on their own experience as leaders in the 'Green Children's Day Nursery Movement', they presented an intimate look into the workings of an organic day nursery, Hedgehog Hill Organic Nursery School; and a nature nursery, Little Dragons (currently undergoing training with the Forest School Training Company Limited) - both located in Northamptonshire.

Pamela and Eileen focused on how any nursery could improve its carbon footprint and encourage economic growth within its own community; as well as safeguard children's health by reducing their exposure to potentially harmful chemicals and toxins at an early age.

The key words were - Healthy Minds & Healthy Bodies with an emphasis on exercise. Buy locally by visiting farms and vegetable markets. Grow Your Own Organically with the children. Recycle & Reuse everything - with recycling centres set-up and used by the children. Use Composters, Water butts & Low Energy Light Bulbs. Serve as much Organic Food & Drink as possible; and use more Environmentally Friendly Materials like organic mattresses and bedding, along with Greener Cleaning Products. Perhaps most importantly they emphasised Teach Through Example by turning taps and lights off, as children are great copycats.

Issues of increased costs were tackled, as conference delegates were placed into smaller groups to work out how to 'eco-improve' each area of a nursery setting. The ideas were as simple as adding organic cooking and gardening classes for children, and buying furniture made from sustainable wood sources, to housing turtles, rabbits and other creatures in the nursery garden.

Many of the participants were keen to learn more about how their nursery could secure funding to explore the Forrest School Ethos - where learning, relationship building, emotional intelligence, and confidence blossom in the 'outdoor classroom' of the nearby forest or woodlands.

Eileen Colts-Tegg and Pamela Dori-Bishop shared information on how to keep a children's day nursery growing in the right direction - 'greener'. Workshop participants said they didn't realise how easy it was to provide a healthier environment for children; and one group likened them to Trinny and Susannah - promoting green makeovers for nurseries!

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