DUBLIN, July 9 -- For this new branch, 100 beta testers who own a Kimsufi L
dedicated server will provide OVH with a better understanding of
country-specific details. The aim is to refine the line of products and services
of the Irish branch and to guarantee the same service quality as in the ten
other countries where OVH is already present.

OVH continues to gain ground across Europe

Already well established in its native French market as the country’s
leading web hosting company, OVH quickly wanted to expand onto the global

Several branches have already begun operating. Today, OVH is breaking into
Ireland with the presence of a local team based in Dublin.

The hosting company offers Irish clients its full range of services: .ie domain
names in addition to all other domain extensions, shared hosting and dedicated
servers. Subsequently, OVH will offer its all-new line of products and services
in the telephone industry, already launched in France in March 2009.

Free dedicated server leasing

OVH is making the most of this launch by refining its line of products and
services with the free leasing of a dedicated server offered to 100 beta

Kimsufi is a server which can sufficiently cover the majority of necessary
Internet requirements, offering increased quality and the best range of

Ideal for getting started online, the Kimsufi range does not fail to respond to
client wishes, enabling them to make the best use of many services thanks to the
wide range of operating systems on offer.

This initiative will allow OVH to offer a line of products and services which
is well suited to the requirements and expectations of its future clients.

About OVH

Established by Octave Klaba in 1999, OVH is an independent French company based
in Roubaix. It is the French leader in web hosting and is positioned as the
second largest web hosting company in Europe (source Netcraft).

So what is its major advantage? An unequalled price-quality relationship on the
market, making it THE absolute benchmark for key players in the Internet sector.

Benefitting from large-scale technological advantages, such as an exclusive
server cooling system, OVH has consistently sought innovation and performance
whilst continuously emphasising a respect for an ecological and
environmentally-friendly approach.

Also hosting several radio stations and the largest network of gaming servers,
OVH has recently set itself a new target as a telephone operator.

Well established on the global market, OVH is expanding its expertise across
Europe and beyond with ten existing branches and more on the horizon.

Web site: http://www.ovh.ie


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