ROUBAIX, France, February 24 /PRNewswire/ -- OVH, the leading French hosting service, is launching a top of the range system designed for professionals with key requirements in terms of resources, performance and also service-sharing. Covering a wide range of prices, and corresponding services, the HG range consists of the ultimate in customized servers to meet company requirements.

Meeting customers' most critical needs

In marketing its new range, OVH is innovating yet again, as the HG 2009 consists of fully-customizable servers. This means that customers can customize the configuration of their servers:

- RAM size: 16 or 32 Gb of FBDIMM - the type of hard drive required (1Tb SAS, 300Gb SAS 15000 rpm RAID, even ultra-fast 32 Gb Intel drives in SSD technology). - As an option: further drives enabling the addition of up to 6 drives in total to the server, depending on requirements - A specific operating system selected from the wide range offered - Option: technical support (technical help-line)

The HG servers are products incorporated by OVH using only components and infrastructures of internationally recognized labels and brands: Intel, Kingston, Seagate, Supermicro, Cisco, Infinera, LSI.

Security, high availability and high performance

HG servers are all equipped with two Intel Xeon processors, providing 8 cores that can be used in parallel. These processors also support virtualization. A choice of distribution methods means that a range of virtual servers can be accessed in a few clicks.

The machine drives use SAS technology or also SSD.

In addition, the HG 2009 range has a guarantee of reinstatement and response within a maximum of 30 minutes. Incident support is available round the clock with commercial and technical advice offered 6 days in 7.

The network infrastructure and overall electrical system is fully redundant.

With regard to cost, the HG 2009 range starts at 299 Euros excl. tax per month, with 8 cores rated at 2.33 GHz, 16 Gb of RAM, LSI RAID-1 2x1Tb SAS and 2x1Gbps of switchport with 100Mbps of SLA Premium.

Various bandwidth options are offered to suit customer requirements:

- SLA Premium 100Mbps/client - SLA Business 100Mbps/server - SLA Business 200Mbps/server - SLA Business 300Mbps/server - SLA Business VIP 1Gbp/server.

It is important to note that HG servers offer total reliability, as demonstrated by the fact that OVH uses these same servers for its entire shared infrastructure, its Real Private Server (RPS) base, and its internal back-up solutions. Almost 1700 servers of this type are maintained and in operation in the OVH data centres to meet its own needs.

This broad usage base thus enables OVH customers to profit from cost benefits.

About OVH

OVH, an independent French company based in Roubaix, was set up in 1999 by Octave Klaba. It is the leading hosting service in France and is Europe's third largest hosting service (source: Netcraft).

Its key asset is a quality / price ratio that is unrivalled elsewhere on the market, making it the point of reference for Internet players.

Offering so many technological advantages, such as an exclusive server cooling system, OVH has always promoted innovation and performance, whilst respecting ecological and environmental concerns.

Not only does OVH host a large number of radio services and the main games server networks, it has also recently set itself a new challenge in the telephony sector.

With a sound foothold in the world market, OVH is now extending its knowhow in Europe and far beyond with around ten or so subsidiaries already in place and others planned for the future.

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