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- Bulk Premium SMS Rates Are Available on All Networks Including T-Mobile, Orange, 3, O2 and Vodafone

Interactive communications company, Oxygen8 Communications today announces special introductory bulk premium SMS rates for UK media companies and corporates who are looking to maximise revenues from mobile marketing activities.

Colin White, UK CEO of Oxygen8 Communications, says, At Oxygen8 we are so convinced that we can improve your bottom line with lower bulk premium SMS rates that we want to challenge you to find better. So until 1st August 2009, we're offering the best SMS rates possible to new customers. This is a fantastic opportunity for companies to save money by taking advantage of the most competitive cross-network bulk premium SMS rates available.

Oxygen8 Communications' Mobile platform is very scaleable and is able to handle hundreds of messages per second and hundreds of connections, enabling customers to increase billing collections and bottom-line profits. The Oxygen8 Mobile platform includes the following key components: Mobile Messaging - premium rate SMS and MMS; Mass Broadcast - premium rate SMS, voice, email; 3G Video Calls; IVR; WAP; IPTV; and Active CRM.

White continues, We are offering all UK media companies and corporates highly competitive premium SMS rates, supported by a platform that makes running Voice, Mobile and Web services easy, whilst also offering the ability to roll these services out internationally. For companies looking to utilise mobile messaging as part of their interactive communications strategy, the platform they are using will ultimately determine their success.

White says, Faster message throughput will increase billing collections, yet this can often be overlooked whilst focus is given to less important features. There are also ready-made services and applications built-in to the Oxygen8 Mobile platform - so whether you are running your own services or operating as a reseller it makes running your business simple and easy.

White concludes, We want our customers to be able to grow their business quickly and easily either within their domestic markets or across the globe. In today's world that means having a resilient platform but with the flexibility that is required to adapt services to the increasingly sophisticated and complex way that consumers interact with new media. With the Oxygen8 platform this becomes possible.

To get the best cross-network bulk premium SMS rates available call the Oxygen8 sales team on 0808-206-0808 or text BULK followed by your company name to 65065.

About Oxygen8 Communications

Oxygen8 Communications is an international interactive communications company providing technology and consultancy across all new media including voice, mobile text and picture messaging, mobile internet and the web for infrastructure providers, media companies and corporates.

Utilising the latest technology, Oxygen8 Communications enables its clients to develop new ways of interacting with their customers, whether locally or across international markets. By continually evolving in response to developments in both technology and the marketplace, it remains at the forefront of interactive services.

Oxygen8 was founded in September 2008 to respond to fundamental changes in the interactive communications market. The Oxygen8 management team draws on many years of experience and expertise in the industry. High standards are maintained and quality assurance ensured by clearly documented processes and procedures. The Oxygen8 compliance regime encourages regular external review and is audited and approved by third parties.

Oxygen8 currently operates in the UK, Ireland, Australia, USA, South Africa, East Africa including Tanzania, and the Caribbean.

For further information, please contact: Lisa Williams/Kieran Kent The itpr Partnership t. +44(0)1932-57-88-00

For further information, please contact: Lisa Williams/Kieran Kent, The itpr Partnership, t. +44(0)1932-57-88-00