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China Petrochemicals Report Q3 2010 (http://www.reportsandreports.com/market-reports/china-petrochemicals-report -q3-2010) Overcapacity and uncertainty are likely to undermine the Chinese market's recovery in 2010 with farreaching consequences for the global chemicals and plastics industries and the expectation of permanent plant closures in Asia and Europe as a result, war... June 2010 $ 530

India Petrochemicals Report Q3 2010 (http://www.reportsandreports.com/market-reports/india-petrochemicals-report -q3-2010) The Indian petrochemicals industry will exhibit strong growth in 2010 and beyond as the domestic market flourishes and exports recover, which will prompt a revival of projects shelved during the economic downturn. But BMI's latest 'India Petrochemicals... June 2010 $ 530

Spain Petrochemicals Report Q3 2010 (http://www.reportsandreports.com/market-reports/spain-petrochemicals-report -q3-2010) The Spanish petrochemicals industry is suffering from both depressed domestic demand and a painfully slow recovery in export markets. Long-term prospects are dim, according to this latest 'Spain Petrochemicals Report' from BMI. BMI estimates that the... June 2010 $ 530

United Arab Emirates Petrochemicals Report Q3 2010 (http://www.reportsandreports.com/market-reports/united-arab-emirates- petrochemicals-report-q3-2010) The widening differential between naphtha and ethane feedstock prices owing to rising oil prices threatens to undermine naphtha-reliant Abu Dhabi's ability to compete in Asian markets against ethanefed producers in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, but this shoul... June 2010 $ 530

Ukraine Petrochemicals Report Q3 2010 (http://www.reportsandreports.com/market-reports/ukraine-petrochemicals- report-q3-2010) A gas supply deal signed between Russia and Ukraine has averted a crisis in Ukraine's chemicals and petrochemicals industries, but revealed the extent to which producers are dependent on Kiev's political relations with Moscow and its low le... May 2010 $ 530

South Africa Petrochemicals Report Q3 2010 (http://www.reportsandreports.com/market-reports/south-africa-petrochemicals -report-q3-2010) External demand will be crucial to reviving the South African petrochemicals industry following recession, but recovery will be held back by surging capacities in the Middle East and Asia which will put pressure on product prices at a time ... May 2010 $ 530

Saudi Arabia Petrochemicals Report Q3 2010 (http://www.reportsandreports.com/market-reports/saudi-arabia-petrochemicals -report-q3-2010) Rising costs are leading to severe project delays that threaten to undermine Saudi Arabia's long-term plans to dominate Chinese petrochemicals imports, according to BMI's latest 'Saudi Arabia Petrochemicals Report'. With the government pref... May 2010 $ 530

Russia Petrochemicals Report Q3 2010 (http://www.reportsandreports.com/market-reports/russia-petrochemicals-re... -q3-2010) Russian petrochemicals producers are increasingly looking towards export markets for growth, but BMI's latest 'Russia Petrochemicals Report' forecasts that the industry's recovery will continue to rely on domestic demand, which will be slow... May 2010 $ 530

France Petrochemicals Report Q3 2010 (http://www.reportsandreports.com/market-reports/france-petrochemicals-re... -q3-2010) The French petrochemicals industry is expected to report slow growth in 2010, but the trend will be unsteady and marked by continued low capacity utilisation as a result of poor margins, according to BMI's latest 'France Petrochemicals Repo... May 2010 $ 530

Germany Petrochemicals Report Q3 2010 (http://www.reportsandreports.com/market-reports/germany-petrochemicals- report-q3-2010) The German chemicals and petrochemicals industries can leverage their advantages in technology to secure modest growth in exports to emerging markets in 2010, according to BMI's latest 'Germany Petrochemicals Report'. However, the EU remain... May 2010 $ 530

Azerbaijan Petrochemicals Report Q3 2010 (http://www.reportsandreports.com/market-reports/azerbaijan-petrochemicals- report-q3-2010) Azerbaijan took another step closer towards reviving and expanding its ailing petrochemicals industry in H110 with renewed plans for a new petrochemicals complex at Sumgait coupled with major restructuring of industry management. Based on t... May 2010 $ 530

Poland Petrochemicals Report Q3 2010 (http://www.reportsandreports.com/market-reports/poland-petrochemicals-re... -q3-2010)Growth in the Polish petrochemicals industry could be hindered by the appreciation of the zloty and rising naphtha costs, according to BMI's latest 'Poland Petrochemicals Report'. The zloty has been on a broad uptrend since Q109 and wi... May 2010 $ 530

Qatar Petrochemicals Report Q3 2010 (http://www.reportsandreports.com/market-reports/qatar-petrochemicals-report -q3-2010) Qatar is set to lead growth in regional output in 2010, with BMI's latest 'Qatar Petrochemicals Report' forecasting a 7.5% increase in production on the back of massive recent and continuing capacity expansion and the resumption of growth i... May 2010 $ 530

Czech Republic Petrochemicals Report Q3 2010 (http://www.reportsandreports.com/market-reports/czech-republic -petrochemicals-report-q3-2010) The Czech petrochemicals industry is seeing a steady return to growth, although its exposure to German end-markets means that a further contraction cannot be ruled out in 2010, according to BMI's latest 'Czech Republic Petrochemicals Report... May 2010 $ 530

Hungary Petrochemicals Report Q3 2010 (http://www.reportsandreports.com/market-reports/hungary-petrochemicals -report-q3-2010) The outlook for the Hungarian economy in 2010 remains weak, which will force the petrochemicals industry to depend even more on exports for growth, according to BMI's latest 'Hungary Petrochemicals Report'. Retail sales data paint a pa... May 2010 $ 530

Romania Petrochemicals Report Q3 2010 (http://www.reportsandreports.com/market-reports/romania-petrochemicals -report-q3-2010) The restructuring and integration of the Romanian petrochemicals industry is seen as key to its revival, according to BMI's latest 'Romania Petrochemicals Report'. In January 2010, Oltchim (54.8% owned by the government) agreed to acqu... May 2010 $ 530

Turkey Petrochemicals Report Q3 2010 (http://www.reportsandreports.com/market-reports/turkey-petrochemicals-re... -q3-2010) The Turkish plastics market is likely to recover strongly and outpace other countries in Central and Eastern Europe, but local buyers are still nervous at the rate of recovery in the eurozone and are purchasing petrochemicals feedstock on a... May 2010 $ 530

Algeria Petrochemicals Report Q3 2010 (http://www.reportsandreports.com/market-reports/algeria-petrochemicals- report-q3-2010) Algeria's short-term goals will be more focused on the development of upstream resources, with petrochemicals development ongoing and not expected to be onstream until 2014, according to BMI's latest Algeria Petrochemicals Report. The ... May 2010 $ 530

Israel Petrochemicals Report Q3 2010 (http://www.reportsandreports.com/market-reports/israel-petrochemicals-re... -q3-2010) Despite the risk of a return to recession in global markets and its impact on Israeli chemicals and plastics production, BMI's latest 'Israel Petrochemicals Report' is broadly positive and anticipates growth in the years ahead, assisted by ... May 2010 $ 530

Kuwait Petrochemicals Report Q3 2010 (http://www.reportsandreports.com/market-reports/kuwait-petrochemicals-re... -q3-2010) Plans for a third olefins complex in Kuwait are faced with significant hurdles, particularly in relation to uncertainties in feedstock supply and the price differential between the country's naphtha resources and the ethane used by regional... May 2010 $ 530

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