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seeitgolf today announced the release of its first product, Aaron Baddeley: Putting, a groundbreaking tool for golfers to mentally improve their game and literally change their minds about how they putt.

"I have always included visualization in my mental routine. When I visualize putts in a tournament, I see the ball roll in the hole over and over again in my mind so by the time I stand over the ball, I already believe the ball will roll in," said Aaron Baddeley. "Aaron Baddeley: Putting allows players to see the game through my eyes and use the same techniques I rely on. It's simple, but it's very, very effective."

The product was created by a who's-who team of experts in the golf industry who partnered with seeitgolf to provide a distraction-free, zone-like training environment for use on a personal media player.

By training the mind to expect the ball to roll in the hole, this training tool replaces the deeply engrained images of doubt and hesitation most golfers have on the green. Players improve their game by performing a perfectly executed series of putts on their iPods, through the eyes of one of the best putters on the PGA Tour, Aaron Baddeley. This concept of immersing the mind in perfection has been proven to strengthen and improve performance.

"When it comes to visualizing your performance, the brain doesn't know the difference between what is imagined and what is experienced," said Golf Digest "Top 10 Mental Expert" Dr. David Cook. "The more multi-sensory and vivid the visualization experience is, the better. I recommend my golfers use it every day before each round."

The downloadable training session includes footage from four different camera angles, including Baddeley's point of view. The product includes an original score and is designed to be used across multi-language platforms by golfers from around the world as there are no spoken words.

According to Golf Digest "Top 10 Instructor" Stan Utley, "This product will be on every golfer's iPod someday."

The downloadable video for iPod, iPhone, computer or other portable media player will be available on September 22nd at and retails for $29.99 USD. Patent pending. Media kit available at

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