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Irish company, Aqua-Nu Filtration Systems Ltd., is set to unveil its powerful new drinking water micro-filter to the market - promising a permanent solution to the environmental problem of plastic bottle waste. The PURITYCAPSULE(TM) micro-filter offers consumers the opportunity to drink water from virtually any source with complete confidence in its quality - eliminating the need for continually purchasing plastic bottles of water.

The micro-filter breaks new ground in the water filtration market, thanks to its portability and use of ultra-high flow rate ceramics. These ceramics remove or kill potential disease-causing micro-organisms, including bacteria such as E. coli, Cryptosporidium and cysts of Giardia - water-borne pathogens associated with severe gastro-intestinal diseases.

Aqua-Nu Filtration Systems Ltd., has been developing its micro-filter since 2004, bringing together a specialist team of leading European scientists, designers and patent attorneys. Following intensive research, testing and development of PURITYCAPSULE(TM), Aqua-Nu has successfully adapted the micro-filter for a wide range of uses, primarily in the drinking water market, where its low cost, portability and high efficiency will have mass appeal.

Lead Scientific Advisor to Aqua-Nu, Dr. Robert Verkerk, explains: 'More and more people are demanding purified water because of concerns about contaminants and micro-organisms in tap and other drinking water sources. The Aqua-Nu micro-filter does the job extremely well and has the ability to be fitted to used plastic water bottles and cold water taps as well as in other situations currently inaccessible to conventional domestic filters.'

'PURITYCAPSULE(TM) is a very efficient, flexible and low-cost solution to the enormous environmental challenge posed by plastic bottle waste,' says Commercial Director, Cormac Kelly. 'We are confident that the PURITYCAPSULE( TM) will go further than any previous filtration technology in bringing safe, clean, affordable, good tasting water to the consumer, whether at home, at work, travelling or while undertaking sporting activities.'

Aqua-Nu's unique, patented, ultra-high flow rate ceramic has application well beyond the European domestic water market. The company is presently seeking expressions of interest from aid and other organisations, about applying Aqua-Nu's technology to drinking water filtration schemes in less developed countries, where water-borne diseases are one of the leading causes of death, particularly among children.


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