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The prestigious Central Academy of Fine Arts is now accepting enrollment for its first-ever International Foundation Course, a highly anticipated pre-bachelor's degree program developed in conjunction with China's Ministry of Education.

CAFA is the leading institution for modern art education in China and is the only art academy of higher learning directly under the Ministry of Education. The China Education Center ( ) is officially authorized by CAFA to handle foreign students' applications to its International Foundation Course.

CAFA has a rich history that spans 91 years. Renowned Chinese artists have led the academy over the years, including Xu Beihong, Jiang Feng, Wu Zuoren, Gu Yuan and Jin Shangyi. Professor Pan Gonqkai, a well-known artist and art historian, is now CAFA's president and Professor Jin Shangyi is director of the Academic Board.

CAFA includes seven schools and colleges: the School of Fine Art, the School of Chinese Painting, the School of Design, the School of Architecture, the School of Humanities, the College of City Design, the School of Continuing Education and the Affiliated High School of Fine Art. CAFA provides first-rate libraries and studios for students and teachers. The academy also publishes two Chinese periodicals of Academic Classification A, Art Research and World Art.

CAFA is accepting enrollment applications through Aug. 31. The program begins on Sept. 7. Curriculum content will include adumbration, sketch, color, design, specialty Chinese courses and more. On-campus and off-campus housing is available. The course fee is RMB 60,000 per year.

About the China Education Center (CEC)

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