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- Developing its SIMAPIC Technology, Pyades Technologies GmbH Located in Alzey, Germany, Ushers in a Revolution in Working With Image Databases

Until now image databases had a decisive disadvantage compared to conventional databases: the images could not be allocated specific search parameters without additional work. Searching for images has only been possible based on file names and assigned tags. The SIMAPIC technology developed by Pyades Technologies GmbH offers a completely new approach.

SIMAPIC enables you to search for similar images or specific characteristics in large image data records. Rather than assign search terms to all images in a database, it is now possible to use the images themselves as search terms and to search for characteristics within them, for example colors or specific forms. These enhancements to image search opens completely new ways for managing and filing images, either in conjunction with existing search methods or in isolation.

Searching for suitable graphical material is often more time-consuming for users than the actual processing of the images. That is where SIMAPIC comes in. With SIMAPIC users can find images, products, paintings, pictures or illustrations with the comparison or parameter search according to their requirements, all in a short period of time. Furthermore, old inventory data can often still be used and does not have to be integrated into a new database, which might well be expensive and time consuming. SIMAPIC can also be used for the purpose of the usage rights for images in order to effectively prevent violations of intellectual property, explains Florian Becker, CEO of Pyades Technologies GmbH.

SIMAPIC is available as a standalone application, client server solution or as a Software Development Kit (SDK version). All information regarding SIMAPIC including demo videos about the practical use are available on the Internet under:

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About Pyades Technologies GmbH

Pyades Technologies GmbH was founded in 2007 by Florian Becker as a software development and consulting company. The head office in Alzey (Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany) employs a staff of 15 in the area of design, translation and technology.

Pyades Technologies GmbH is an all-round company and besides trendsetting, tailored and platform independent software also offers its own products in the area of image processing and management. Examples of these include the SIMAPIC technology, which revolutionizes the comparison of image databases. Further trademarks of Pyades Technologies GmbH are imagy and shape it.

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