TEL AVIV, Israel, February 22, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- QualiSystems, the leader in test automation software for hardware, device and embedded systems, today announced the release of TestShell 4.2, an upgraded version of its unique test automation framework (

The complete TestShell 4.2 software suite offers TestShell's growing number of global users unparalleled test performance with extremely upgraded test-reporting enhancements, lab resource management capabilities and advanced integration with third-party tools, such as HP's Quality-Center (QC).

In addition to built-in report templates, TestShell's reporting capabilities are significantly broadened with configuration and filtering aptitudes. Users can now easily create customizable dynamic reports for at-a-glance understanding, and can also conduct in-depth, comprehensive analyses of test results. Reports can be filtered according to user-defined attributes and enriched with additional attachments.

TestShell's advanced Test lab management and scheduling capabilities are strengthened with the ability to automatically control and configure Layer1 Switches, guaranteeing shortest-path algorithms for optimized test configuration. Users can independently define any required resource, easily filter resource parameters and assure effective resource allocation even across distributed labs.

Extensive integration with existing resources and tools is scaled up with smooth integration with HP's QC application. TestShell now integrates seamlessly with QC, allowing test automation management to work together with the QC requirements tracking that is broadly used in the networking and electronics as well as software testing environments.

Eitan Lavie, Director of Technologies at QualiSystems says: As a customer- focused company, we invested the last quarter to further improve TestShell's capabilities and performance, and offer even greater value to our users. TestShell 4.2 is by far the leading test automation framework available on the market, and is the only framework to provide a complete end-to-end solution for today's challenges in the network and device testing world.

TestShell 4.2 is now available to all existing QualiSystems customers as part of the Annual Maintenance and Support program, and is offered to new clients through QualiSystems' global sales offices and partner network.

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QualiSystems is a leading provider of TestShell Test Automation software framework for hardware, devices and embedded systems that drive innovation, efficiency and ROI. While providing code free test authoring, automatic test execution, advanced test management and comprehensive test reporting and analysis, TestShell helps equipment manufacturers and service providers to improve product quality, shorten time to market and significantly reduce capital and operational expenditures. TestShell users include leaders in diverse industries around the world. The company growing global presence includes representatives across EMEA, APAC and North America. More about QualiSystems and TestShell Framework:

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