LONDON, June 3, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Here at we're all thinking and dreaming of our summer holidays, and, of course what we're going to look like on the beach! Some have been working for months for the perfect beach body, and others need to look at doing something pronto!

Now, we don't advocate a crash course; staying healthy and active is our mantra, but if you (like a bunch of us) have got a couple of months before the flight takes off, here's some stuff to focus on to ensure you're toned, fit and ready to hit the beach...

Resistance training - Including resistance training as part of your exercise programme certainly tones the muscles. And, by including it you'll increase the amount of calories you burn throughout the day too.

Train early - Exercising in the morning kick starts your metabolism and the benefits can last up to 15 hours after the training!

Keep your body and training balanced - When you look in the mirror you will generally look at your abdominal muscles, chest and biceps, and work on those areas, but working solely on these areas could deliver imbalances. So, make sure you tone up all round.

CV exercise is good - When looking to tone up it's easy to forget about Cardiovascular Training, however for a balanced health and fitness programme CV training is essential to ensure that your body's most important muscle; your heart is trained too.

Half a kilogram is enough - Attempting to lose weight faster than half a kilogram per week can lead to subsequent additional unwanted weight gain - you've been warned...

Go natural when eating - Always try and select whole-food choices for meals and snacks. Processed foods are generally low in nutritional quality and high in unwanted fats and sugars. Avoid!

Core strength training - In addition to the heart, the other muscle group that is vital to train is your core or deep postural muscles. Good core strength will 'pull everything in' as well as greatly improving your posture. If you exercise your core muscles, not only will you be able to get into last year's swimsuit but you may need to buy a smaller size.

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