LONDON, November 21 /PRNewswire/ -- The Road Haulage Association is disappointed that despite a further drop in the price of petrol, the price for diesel remains much higher. To that end, the Association is demanding not only a diesel price reduction as a matter of extreme urgency but that any proposed increase in the price of fuel duty that the Chancellor may announce in his forthcoming pre-Budget statement be abandoned.

It is essential that we seek a parity in price, said RHA Head of Communications Kate Gibbs. Only a couple of weeks ago the Association highlighted a price differential between petrol and diesel of approximately 12 pence per litre; that gap has now increased to nearly 14 pence. UK hauliers and diesel motorists alike are now paying among the highest prices in Europe for their fuel while, at the same time, seemingly being penalised for driving what are proven to be eco-friendly vehicles which produce far less CO2.

It is of course gratifying to know that the latest petrol price drop will bring relief to millions of motorists and their families. However, the same cannot be said for the thousands of road haulage operators for whom the price of diesel can literally represent the difference between success and failure.

What may appear as a windfall for the Christmas shopper could easily turn to disappointment if the price of goods has to increase as a result of higher transport costs. If prices are coming down because demand has dropped, why has the price of diesel stayed so much higher? We want answers!

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