LONDON, October 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Roamware Inc., a global leader in mobile roaming and financial solutions, has announced the launch of its roaming hub solution, Roamware Meta Hub, at the Mobile Roaming World Summit ( in London. The Roamware Meta Hubs allow mobile operators to quickly offer customers access to new partner networks and provide a range of new voice and data services while reducing costs associated with roaming. Deployments of Meta Hubs and sub-hubs are planned with mobile operators in the U.S., Europe, India, China and the Middle East. Roamware currently works with nearly 400 mobile operators in 140 countries.

Meta Hubs provide a global ecosystem of interconnectivity between sub-hubs that host a range of global roaming services shared by multiple network operators and can be deployed to market with speed via a single connection. The Roamware Meta Hub whilst complying with GSMA standards goes further than the requirements specified by the GSMA. The Meta Hub focuses on bilateral roaming as well as multilateral roaming world as enabled by open connectivity, with a single objective to increase revenue, profit and reduce cost for a client operator of the hub.

The Roamware Meta Hub provides a solution for both network operators with existing roaming agreements or for those without. It is expected to provide a range of roaming applications and services such as: prepaid and camel roaming, virtual home environment, network extension, smart routing, SIMM roaming, proactive quality monitoring, testing and business intelligence as well as steering of roaming.

John Jiang, EVP of product development strategy and CTO at Roamware, commented: With increasing pressure to manage capital expenditures, hubbing provides an on demand like service for operators in extending roaming relationships and rolling out revenue increasing roaming solutions without having to make upfront capital investments. In addition, the operator has complete freedom to maintain existing bilateral agreements or migrate to a multilateral agreement via a hub while being able to offer a wider range of services. The end benefits to the consumer include improved coverage in addition to convenience enabled by a range of roaming solutions.

Jiang continued: Roamware Meta Hubs provide a new level of resource optimisation and speedy go-to-market capability for the GSM operator community. By interconnecting sub-hubs and leveraging existing group deployments, the Meta Hub allows a client operator to make a single connection to reach the joint coverage and the joint set of services provided by sub-hubs.

About Roamware

Roamware Inc. is the leading provider of roaming and mobile financial services solutions.

The company is the global leader in mobile roaming solutions with an estimated 60 per cent market share of the voice and data roaming segments for GSM, 3G and CDMA technology platforms. Roamware m-commerce and mobile banking solutions have been successfully deployed by major banks and global operators around the world, including: Vodafone, Permanent TSB and Bank of Ireland. Its solutions range from credit transfers, international remittance, person to person transactions to top-up and bill payment. Roamware solutions are deployed across 140 countries with over 380 global mobile operator networks as customers. The company is headquartered in San Jose with operations in Brussels, Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi Singapore, Dublin, Johannesburg, Amman and Hong Kong. For more information about Roamware, please visit

SOURCE: Roamware Inc.

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