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Peppers Rogers Group, a global thought leader in customer-centric business strategy has just published the premiere issue of its executive journal, Customer Strategist. The publication was created to highlight customer-centric best practices from around the world. Gulf-based companies Saudi Telecom Company (STC) and the Dubai Shopping Festival Office (DSFO) are among the innovative companies featured in the debut issue.

We're excited to launch our new executive journal to bring awareness to the progress companies are making in implementing profitable customer strategies, explains Don Peppers, cofounder of Peppers Rogers Group. In the current economic climate, customer-centricity is critical for survival. Because of their customer focus, the companies and executives featured in our new journal are not only surviving, they are thriving.

In the case study The Best Defense Is a Great Offense, Customer Strategist highlights how Saudi Telecom Company called on its customer loyalty program, Qitaf, to deepen customer engagement and support long-term growth. The article features STC's best practices, such as setting specific goals, customizing the program to meet the needs of various customer segments and staying ahead of future trends.

Dubai Shopping Festival Office CEO Laila Suhail talks to Customer Strategist about how the DSFO stays ahead of the competition with a customer-focused set of strategic priorities. Under the leadership of Ms. Suhail, the DSFO is evolving from treating the festivities as a single attraction to an integrated, constituent-centric relationship building program.

Other stories include a discussion with eBay about how it turned Net Promoter Score into an enterprisewide economic strategy; an interview with 1-800-Flowers CEO Jim McCann; new research on how companies are using customer value data within their organization; and a deep-dive into Peppers Rogers Group's methodology on customer experience management.

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