LONDON, February 23, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Sentiment Metrics today announced the launch of its social media engagement module, powerful new web-based functionality fully integrated with the existing Sentiment Metrics social media monitoring and measurement platform.

The social media engagement module directly integrates with Twitter and Facebook, as well as supporting the creation of comments in blogs and forums from within the application itself. Via the workflow module, CRM functionality is also possible allowing the assignment and tracking of engagement activities, across all team members in an organisation.

Until now, Sentiment Metrics users have been able to monitor online conversations about brands, organisations and issues across all forms of social media including blogs, forums, and Twitter. Sentiment Metrics were the first company to include Facebook fanpage coverage last year and continues to embrace new arenas with Google Buzz. With this new module, Sentiment Metrics users will now be able to directly engage with individuals and enter the online conversation without needing to leave the application.

With the new highly visual social profile graphing tool, users can look up social media user profiles, including their Twitter handle, LinkedIn profile, blog address, and google profile, and then choose to engage via these profiles all with the touch of a button.

Directly engaging with an organisation's customers has been proven to increase customer satisfaction, improve customer retention and generate greatly increased sales leads. By integrating engagement activities into the Sentiment Metrics social media monitoring platform, organisations can roll out a time-saving, convenient, and easy-to-use process with a full audit trail for historical reporting.

We have been privileged to help many of the world's leading brands and agencies monitor and measure social media over the past few years. Direct engagement was the next step for customer-facing organisations. We have responded to our clients' requests and we are delighted to release these new features, said Leon Chaddock, Managing Director of Sentiment Metrics.

Sentiment Metrics' user-friendly web dashboard allows topics to be entered for monitoring and measurement. Content is delivered in real-time, graded by importance and sentiment. Users can then respond directly to mentions collected via Twitter, Facebook or through comment-based systems. For organisations, this means their customers can receive instant feedback, contact information can be identified via Google's Social graph API and new leads can be funnelled back into the organisation's sales processes.

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