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- Social Media Metrics Monitors and Analyses Over 20 Million Blogs, 5 Million
Forum Posts, and 30,000 Online News Sources, Social Networks and Microblogs

PR Newswire ( today announced the launch of Social
Media Metrics
across their EMEAi regions, a powerful new intelligence tool powered by
Sentiment Metrics ( that enables communications
professionals and marketers to monitor, analyse and measure the impact of what
is being said about an organisation, brand, spokesperson or competitor across
the social media landscape.

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Blogs, message boards and discussion threads can reveal invaluable information
about how messages are resonating, what customers are saying about an
organisation, who is supporting a brand, and when crisis situations are
developing, said Allison Murphy, product manager for PR Newswire’s
monitoring and measurement services. However, sorting through the reams of
information in the social media universe and interpreting the data effectively
can be an extremely daunting task. With the launch of the Social Media Metrics
service, communications professionals can now understand and intelligently
determine how key audiences and the public in general are reacting to and even
dictating the way their organisation and brands are portrayed within the various
online and social media circles.

Social Media Metrics monitors over 20 million blogs, 5 million forum posts, and
30,000 online news sources, social networks and microblogs including Twitter.
The system enables users to build customised searches to track keywords related
to their company, industry and competitors, while simultaneously isolating
specific geographic, demographic and language parameters. Users can further
refine Social Media Metrics searches to target those blogs and social media
sites that are important to their customers or industry leaders.

With the spread of user-generated media such as blogs and discussion forums,
consumers have become more influential than ever before and often, what they are
saying can make or break a brand, said Leon Chaddock, Managing Director of
Sentiment Metrics. As new media continues to grow in influence, the companies
and brands that utilise social media intelligence to either build on positive
feedback, or to quickly respond to emerging crisis situation’s will rise
to the top, while those that ignore the influence of online voices will risk
losing out on valuable opportunities and in some cases, suffering irreparable
damage to their brand.

When search criteria is established, Social Media Metrics provides information
on the data it tracks through a series of analytical tools. Social Media
Metrics’ Authority Score can reveal the impact of a blog or social media
network on a brand or communication by providing the number of inbound links
from other social media sites, while the Top Topics Report identifies the most
frequently discussed topics surrounding a brand and/or its competitors. Social
Media Metrics’ Sentiment Report delivers additional insight on social
media mentions by establishing whether discussions are positive, neutral or
negative. Key to the Sentiment Report tool is the ability to create alerts that
isolate negative mentions and warn the user that a potential crisis may be

The longer it takes to respond to a negative situation developing on social
media channels, the worse the situation could be, continued Murphy. An alert
dedicated only to negative mentions helps to ensure that users can respond to
potentially explosive situations before they spin out of control; an invaluable
tool for any communications or marketing professional.

Social Media Metrics also offers robust reporting capabilities that enable
users to tabulate data in customisable charts in a variety of formats, including
CSV, graphs and pie charts. The system’s PDF Report Builder allows users
to combine graphical information with custom notes to create reports that bring
together both qualitative and quantitative analysis.

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About Sentiment Metrics

Sentiment Metrics provides the social media monitoring and measurement platform
for PR, marketing and communication professionals. The real-time dashboard
monitors all forms of social media and online news, breaking down mentions by
sentiment (positive, negative, neutral), demographics, influence and authority.
Sentiment Metrics is focused on providing real actionable insight and analytics
for their clients rather than just the data. For more information, go to

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