OTTAWA, December 4 /PRNewswire/ -- SkyWave Mobile Communications (SkyWave), a global provider of two-way satellite communication equipment and services, today announced the availability of GLONASS navigation capability in its DMR-800L satellite data communication terminal.

The DMR-800L with integrated GLONASS provides the unique capability to compute its exact location using either or both the GLONASS and GPS systems. This dual navigation capability will be of great benefit to fleet owners who are mandated to use GLONASS but do not want to incur the costs and reliability issues associated with the use of an external GLONASS module.

Vice-President of Marketing and Business Development at SkyWave, David Sward said, The DMR-800L with GLONASS/GPS allows fleet and vessel owners to address current asset tracking and monitoring needs with a low cost, reliable and GLONASS-compliant solution.

MVS welcomes SkyWave's GLONASS capable product as a very effective means of meeting Russia's requirements for vessel, rail car and truck tracking said Nadezhda Nesterenko, Deputy General Director Morsviazsputnik, Russia's leading provider of Inmarsat services.

Customers who require more information or wish to order the DMR-800L with GLONASS option should contact a SkyWave Account Executive at +1-613-836-4844 or

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