LONDON, July 26, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Retail group SPAR Austria has chosen project and portfolio management software CA Clarity PPM from CA Technologies . Contec-X GmbH, Platinum partner of CA Technologies, implemented a custom-tailored IT solution for project and portfolio management (PPM). Active in six countries, the retail chain is using CA Clarity PPM software to systemise all project processes, including: selection, prioritisation, detailed planning, comprehensive control, and monitoring.

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Contec-X first rolled out CA Clarity PPM in the SPAR headquarters based in Salzburg, and then instituted it stepwise in Hungary, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Croatia, and Italy. About 200 employees are now using the modern IT solution company-wide. They are able to collect, analyse, optimise, budget and schedule project ideas to then effectively implement them.

SPAR Austria has evolved from a traditional food retailer to a Central European business group with a presence in six countries. SPAR chose CA Clarity PPM to serve as the basis for a group-wide integrated project and portfolio management system to execute diverse organisational and IT projects within the group more efficiently. SPAR's customised IT solution was developed and placed into operation by Contec-X. SPAR is now able to standardise, accelerate, and optimise its project and portfolio management in Austria as well as in Hungary, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Croatia, and Italy.

The PPM solution is being used instead of a patchwork of e-mails, Word and Excel documents, and other tools. In contrast, the new PPM solution now ensures that all processes run identically throughout all locations and markets in accordance with established best practice methods.

Today, about 200 SPAR employees have access to CA Clarity PPM and can manage projects over their entire lifecycle. The objective is to have the PPM solution significantly increase efficiency regarding project organisation. This will enable SPAR to reliably and properly manage the increasing number and scope of projects associated with the retail group's expansion.


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