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- Managed File Transfer paper focuses on the need for security in data transfer
and Job Scheduling Solution paper emphasizes benefits of a single job scheduling

Stonebranch(R), Inc. today announced the release of two new white papers about
Managed File Transfer and Job Scheduling solutions. Securing Your Business with
Managed File Transfer, highlights the business risks associated with FTP
solutions and how Managed File Transfer can help an organization address them.
The technical white paper entitled Reducing Costs in Your Job Scheduling
Environment examines technology reuse as a way to reduce IT costs.

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The Managed File Transfer white paper recognizes the ever-changing technology
of file transfer. As companies face increasingly strict regulations, they are
realizing FTP is not a viable solution to meet these strict compliance and audit
requirements. Infitran(TM), Stonebranch's Intelligent File Transfer solution,
provides both the security and compliance requirements of a business while
providing additional functionality including business-driven visibility and
proactive monitoring.

The technical Job Scheduling white paper addresses the necessity for one job
scheduling tool such as Indesca(TM), Stonebranch's Independent Scheduling Agents
solution, across the enterprise, reducing risk and cost. In traditional job
scheduling environments, numerous solutions emerge due to growth, creating
confusion and complexity within the IT infrastructure. The key is not
eliminating these tools, but instead having a single solution that can be used
to inter-operate them seamlessly.

Wolfgang Bothe, CEO of Stonebranch said, Infitran, Stonebranch's Intelligent
File Transfer solution provides the most robust Managed File Transfer
functionality in the industry to help companies meet strict compliance
requirements. Additionally, Indesca, our Independent Scheduling Agents solution,
is not a job scheduler, but rather a solution to a complex and costly job
scheduling environment.

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