GOTHENBURG, Sweden, February 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Late in 2009, the premier version of SwirlyNet(TM), the new, cool feature of iPhone application SwirlyMMS(2), was launched. Now more than 10,000 clients have started to use SwirlyNet(TM) to save money when messaging. SwirlyNet(TM) allows iPhone users to send and receive messages (SMS and MMS) for free via the Internet, without any expensive carrier fees. Any message sent to and from a SwirlyNet(TM) attached iPhone, via Wifi or over a flat rate data plan, is sent without any cost at all.

Inspired by Skype and enabled by the third-party development supported by iPhone SwirlyNet(TM) is the world's first mobile application for free MMS and SMS messaging.

This extraordinary feature integrates transparently with the normal send- and receive activities, meaning that you send to your friends by addressing them with their phone number as usual. An indicator will let you know whether the message was sent or received via SwirlyNet(TM) or the ordinary carrier network. Soon you will notice how low your messaging bills are becoming!

The SwirlyMMS(2) application is available for USD 12 for jailbroken* iPhones via Cydia Store. SwirlyNet(TM) enabled messaging apps are also being developed for Windows Mobile and Android cell phones.

For more info and instructions on how to download and install SwirlyMMS(2):

* Jailbreaking is done in order to liberate the iPhone OS from Apple's rules for third party applications and release the iPhone's true technological potential. It is estimated that around 10% of all iPhones, equivalent to 4 million units, are jailbroken. Read more on jailbreaking here and on Cydia founder and iPhone guru Jay Freemans site


SwirlySpace AB is based in Sweden, and is developing advanced applications for mobile platforms like the iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile units. The products of SwirlySpace are available via Cydia and App Store. SwirlySpace AB has already reached a worldwide leading position in MMS solutions for the iPhone with more than 3,000,000 downloads of its premier product, the SwirlyMMS-application.

SOURCE: Swirly Space AB

CONTACT: CEO Tommy Svensson,, tel: +46-730-976-176