CARSON CITY, Nevada, February 5 /PRNewswire/ --

- Private-public initiative debuts March 10-12 at Las Vegas Global Expo

Sun. Wind. Steam. Nevada has plenty of each and it's taking a major step to become a leader in developing renewable energy by attracting businesses large and small, while supporting new and proven technology.

Team Nevada debuts at the Renewable Energy World Conference Expo-North America March 10-12 in Las Vegas.

Led by the Nevada Commission on Economic Development (NCED) and NV Energy -- the energy expo's host utility sponsor -- Team Nevada includes many county and regional development agencies in Nevada. Team Nevada will be in NV Energy's Expo Booth #906.

Team members will present information on natural resources, economic and financial incentives as well as the educational, research and manufacturing infrastructure here in Nevada, said NCED Executive Director Mike Skaggs.

Team Nevada also will be telling Nevada's story at future conferences in other business sectors.

Nevada's Renewable Energy Leadership

Solar. The world's third largest solar thermal power plant, Nevada Solar One, Boulder City, comprises 180,000 mirrors, generating 64MW of electricity. The largest U.S. photovoltaic generating plant is at Nellis Air Force Base, producing 14MW. Nevada has the highest per capita use of solar energy in the U.S.

Wind. Nevada has 24 million acres of economically viable sites for wind farms, with most prime resources located near Las Vegas and Ely.

Geothermal (natural steam). With 550MW of geothermal power under development and 1,000MW of untapped potential, Nevada ranks #1 in geothermal energy use per capita. Nevada is the No. 2 U.S. geothermal producer with 45 new geothermal projects under way. A leading vertically-integrated company in geothermal and recovered energy generation, Ormat Technologies Inc., is based in Reno.

Wind, solar and geothermal development will be boosted by a 250-mile north-south transmission line proposed by NV Energy.

Nevada welcomes large and small businesses with no state income or inventory taxes.

Led by the Desert Research Institute at the University of Nevada Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada's higher education network is committed to providing trained personnel meeting industry's future needs.

For more information about Team Nevada opportunities: Expanded press release: Nevada Commission on Economic Development +1-775-687-4325 NV Energy's Economic Development Office +1-800-824-8856

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