LONG BEACH, California, March 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- One year after announcing his wish for a strong, sustainable national movement to overcome obesity, TED2010 Prize winner Jamie Oliver returned to the TED stage and announced critical developments to meet his "twenty year vision" of fostering permanent change:

Jamie Oliver and the American Heart Association (AHA) this morning announced the formation of a partnership to open Food Revolution Kitchens - community-based centers where people can learn basic cooking skills and how to prepare affordable, nutritious meals. Their goal is to have at least five kitchen centers within the next 18 months, with plans underway for New York, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Baltimore and Dallas.

Also unveiled today was the flagship Food Revolution truck - the mobile kitchen classroom Jamie envisioned to spread the grassroots movement. Designed pro bono by the Rockwell Group, the truck will travel to communities to teach kids, parents and professionals about food and cooking.

The truck will be part of a three-part program with the American Heart Association and The California Endowment to bring food education to four underserved communities in Los Angeles (South LA, Boyle Heights, Long Beach and Santa Ana).

"Before I was awarded the TED Prize, my vision for helping Americans learn cooking skills and making the switch to fresh foods wasn't much more than an idea," said Jamie Oliver. "But the extraordinary resources and passions of the TED community have made it a real campaign that will make a lasting impact. I am so proud of what we've accomplished. Not only do we have a world class mobile teaching kitchen, but with the AHA and TCE partnerships, we are starting to reach communities that we never could have dreamed of. With everyone who has come together through TED, as well as the reach of the ABC show, it will definitely be an enduring campaign that makes real change over the next decade."

A new community website and on-the-ground activist program also kicks off today: http:///www.jamiesfoodrevolution.com. On this site, parents who want to change school food can download toolkits and participate in seminars and tutorials. People who want to learn to cook can also download recipes and videos. Mapping technology and Facebook will help people find their local allies and get active in their own communities.

"Jamie Oliver is a force to be reckoned with, and combined with the vision and dedication of the TED community, we are on our way to realizing his wish," said Amy Novogratz, TED Prize Director. "In just one year, we have met benchmarks and exceeded expectations. Together we have built a Food Revolution truck, established critical partnerships, and launched the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation. With growing momentum and support, imagine where we will be in 2012."

One person can make a difference, but the many people who have come together - and continue to join in Jamie Oliver's wish - can change the world. Over the last year, members of the TED community and their friends have stood up and contributed to Jamie's wish, including: Rockwell Group; Mike and Sukey Novogratz; IDEO; Farber Specialty Vehicles; The Groop; Group SJR; Paper Airplane; Nurun; EMG3; American Heart Association; CK&D, a cause marketing and media group; and The California Endowment.

"The American Heart Association has always offered information to consumers," said American Heart Association President Ralph Sacco, MD. "But we know that to create meaningful changes toward healthy eating we will need inspirational and committed partners, like Jamie Oliver and The California Endowment. We are proud to stand with Jamie to open Food Revolution Kitchens so consumers can learn how to replace an unhealthy diet with healthy, home cooked meals.

"Low-income families across California struggle to access healthy foods in communities where cheeseburgers are plentiful yet fresh produce is either elusive or unaffordable and it's resulting in an explosion of obesity and type 2 diabetes," said Robert K. Ross, M.D., president and CEO of The California Endowment. "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution shines a light on this and his community-based approach brings his fresh perspective directly to the people who struggle daily with these issues."

"We are thrilled to work with Jamie Oliver on the Food Revolution Truck to bring his initiative to underserved communities around the country," said David Rockwell, founder and CEO of Rockwell Group. "We feel that design plays an important role in sparking children's imagination, and sending them on the road to a better life."

"The Groop is honored to lend our user experience and creative talent to such an important movement," Jose Caballer, Chief Visionary and CCO of the Groop. "Helping facilitate this opportunity for Jamie is a fulfillment of our vision to only work on the biggest challenges we face in sustainability, education, financial literacy and the health of the American people. Plus we are foodies and love cooking and great food."

Jamie Oliver has committed to building this movement for the long term, to see through the change and improvements needed to fight obesity. To drive this effort forward, he has established a U.S. non-profit, the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (JOFF), to fight obesity and promote better dietary health through food education and cooking skills. The JOFF will drive a social movement for cultural change, advocate for better food choices and integrity through the food chain, and develop educational programs to promote home cooking, in particular in schools and vulnerable communities.

To continue monitoring his non-profit and the success of the Food Revolution, visit http://www.jamiesfoodrevolution.com. For more information on the TED Prize, visit http://www.tedprize.org.

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