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- New Business Unit Recently Launched First-Ever Multi-Touch Surface Computing Collaboration Solution for Telepresence

Teliris(R), ( the leading provider of telepresence solutions since 1999, announced today the formal charter of the Teliris(R) Telepresence Research Labs as its newest business unit with the critical purpose of delivering the next-generation of immersive telepresence and immersive collaboration technologies.

Teliris(R) Telepresence Research Labs will continue Teliris(R)' commitment to develop new capabilities that will lower cost, increase functionality and ultimately extend the immersive telepresence experience beyond audio and video. Technology can be employed to extend this natural interaction seamlessly over distance through understanding the intricacies of human communication.

The Teliris(R) Telepresence Research Labs will also work to drive the necessary standards for the telepresence industry in the areas of interoperability between vendors and between telepresence and traditional videoconferencing environments.

"Formalizing our R&D capabilities was important for our continued growth as a company, but leading the industry in innovation and revolutionary launches has always been at the core of what Teliris(R) has accomplished during the last nine years," said Marc Trachtenberg, Teliris(R) CEO and co-founder. "The industry will see Teliris(R) Telepresence Research Labs release technologies and capabilities that will take telepresence to new levels of transparency and immersiveness."

Teliris(R) Telepresence Research Labs recently launched the first-ever multi-touch surface computing-based collaboration solution and interactive virtual flip chart and whiteboard for telepresence, designed specifically for immersive collaboration business use.

The revolutionary Teliris(R) InterACT TouchTable(TM) and Teliris(R) InterACT TouchWall(TM), allows for documents, video, audio, presentations and a wide range of other content to be instantaneously shared and manipulated across any number of locations with the intuitive ease of a simple hand motion, as if participants are in the same room. For the first time documents may be passed across the world as easily as they can be passed across the table.

"The InterACT collaboration tools open up a whole new chapter for telepresence," said Karl Krantz, Director of Teliris(R) Telepresence Research. "Our goal is to continue to develop technology that recreates the connection of a face-to-face meeting."

Since 1999, Teliris(R) has been leading telepresence innovation and setting the industry mile markers with the first implementation of virtual vectoring for accurate eyelines, natural multipoint meeting experience, and the only interoperability option available to connect between different telepresence solutions.

Teliris(R)' Telepresence solutions provide the most natural and intimate virtual meeting environment available on the market. Its flexibility, reliability and cost effectiveness meet the demanding needs of its large, diverse customer base.

As the company with the largest installed base of paying customers and the most immersive, natural telepresence experience available, Teliris(R) clients benefit from reduced travel costs, improved productivity and employee work/life balance, the ability to seamlessly conduct business when travel is impossible, as well as an efficient and effective carbon reduction tool.

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Founded in 2001, Teliris(R) implements the world's most widely deployed fully managed telepresence solutions, realistically replicating the human dynamics of an in-person meeting. Teliris(R) has deployments in over 26 countries with the largest installed base of Global 2000 companies, including Lazard, Pearson plc, GlaxoSmithKline, and Royal Bank of Scotland, XChanging and Merck, among others. Headquartered in New York and London, the company delivers the most immersive and natural virtual meeting experience with end-to-end integration and an unparalleled 99%+ availability guarantee. For further information regarding Teliris(R), visit the company's web site at or email Teliris(R) at

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