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- Perimeter Security Solution: Ultimate Cyber Barrier

Today, Trapeze Networks, a Belden brand (NYSE: BDC), announced global availability of the Trapeze RF Firewall(TM), a location-based firewall securing wireless LAN networks (WLANs). The Trapeze RF Firewall is the first application available on the new Trapeze LA-200E Location Appliance, also announced today. (See June 29, 2009 press release, Demand for Location Services Driving Trapeze Networks to Deliver High Capacity Solutions.)

The Trapeze RF Firewall is a perimeter security application that works in conjunction with the Trapeze LA-200E. For example, a company may decide to deny network access to anyone located outside the building. The Trapeze LA-200E Location Appliance is able to discern exactly where someone with their Wi-Fi device is located. Based on that information, the RF Firewall refers to the enforced policy, denying access to the network inside. This type of firewall thwarts a wide variety of hacking / cracking techniques.

In what is possibly one of the largest cybercrimes committed to-date, thieves parked outside a TJ Maxx department store used their wireless laptops to read transactions processed by Wi-Fi-connected cash registers inside the store. Ultimately, 45,000,000 credit card numbers were stolen. A Trapeze RF Firewall running on a Trapeze LA-200E could have located the notebook in the parking lot and stopped it from connecting to the network.

- Location-Based Perimeter Security - RF Firewall creates a virtual location-based firewall around facilities and prevents unauthorized access from attackers attempting to break into a wireless network using high-gain antennas, spoofed MAC addresses, broken encryption keys, and stolen credentials and devices. Using location as a part of authentication procedures, outsiders are kept off the network to prevent systematic attacks commonly mounted from outside. - Location-Based Policy Enforcement - RF Firewall allows IT / security personnel to define, manage and control a hierarchy of network administration and security policies. Strict access and authentication policies are defined based on physical boundaries - e.g., inside or outside the building, public spaces or employee areas. - Actionable Alerts and Authentication History - RF Firewall provides actionable alerts by identifying the precise location of the potential security breach. It also tracks user and Wi-Fi device movements based on authentication requests to access the wireless network. A complete, detailed device list and the history of all devices on the network, including attempts to connect to the network, are displayed in real time. - Base Platform for Securing Business Applications - RF Firewall is powered on the Trapeze LA-200E for a unified view into the location of potential security breaches. The Trapeze LA-200E with RF Firewall provides a secure WLAN platform for additional business applications such as ActiveAsset(TM) for asset management and SmartPass(TM) for user provisioning and guest access control.

Pricing and Availability

RF Firewall combined with the Trapeze LA-200E is priced at US$21,995 and is available immediately to all Trapeze channel partners, VARs and customers in the U.S., Asia and Europe, Middle East and Africa.

About Trapeze Networks

Trapeze Networks, a Belden Brand, is a leader in enterprise wireless LAN equipment and management software. Trapeze was the first company to introduce NonStop Wireless - delivering unmatched reliability to the enterprise wireless LAN, and its solutions are optimized for companies requiring mobility and high bandwidth such as healthcare, education, and hospitality. Trapeze delivers Smart Mobile(R) providing scalable wireless LANs for applications such as Voice over Wi-Fi, location services, and indoor/outdoor connectivity.

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