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- LBAC Launch Learning Leap Too

Earlier this month, Matthew Gast, chief strategist in the office of the Chief Technology Officer of Trapeze Networks ( (NYSE: BDC), sparked a news feeding frenzy on his blog ( when he wrote that the final vote to ratify 802.11n could take place as early as September 11, 2009, exactly seven years after the initiative began.

As of this writing Google has tracked more than 78 stories from around the world. And the most influential blog for wireless networking professionals, Certified Wireless Networks Professionals (, even featured a video interview with Gast. (Video now available here :

In the interview, Gast says, The importance that having a standard gives you is it fosters interoperability. When everybody has the same set of rules and customers and users have access to those rules ... it's possible to hold people's feet to the fire and ensure they're making interoperable equipment for you.

Introduction of LBAC / RF Firewall Prompts Similar Massive Interest

In June, Trapeze Networks introduced new location-based equipment and an RF Firewall ( This introduction, like Gast's comments, have sparked wide-spread interest. To help meet the demand for more information, Tash Hepting, a member of the office of the CTO, made a video to help explain how location-based access control and the RF Firewall fit into Trapeze Networks' overall security strategy. That video has been posted here (

In the interview, Hepting says, Real Time Location Systems is just one piece of the puzzle. We've been working on an authentication system, location being one of them, that allows you to improve your security in a variety of different, interesting and dynamic ways specific to your application.

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