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- Vote Takes Place This Fall

Matthew Gast, chief strategist in the office of the Chief Technology Officer,
has announced on his blog
( ) that the final
vote to ratify 802.11n could take place as early as September 11, 2009. It has
taken exactly seven years to specify and approve 802.11n. Already, the 802.11
working group is already on the next step. Two task groups (TGac and TGad) are
researching and debating methods to create gigabit-capable physical layers.

About Matthew Gast

Matthew Gast works in the office of the CTO at Trapeze Networks, where he leads
the development of open wireless network standards and their application to the
Trapeze architecture. He is a member of the IEEE 802.11 working group, and
serves as chair of 802.11 Task Group M. As chair of the Wi-Fi Alliance’s
Wireless Network Management marketing task group, he is leading the
investigation of certification requirements for power saving, performance
optimization and location and timing services. Matthew also chairs the Security
Technical task group, which is extending Wi-Fi protected Access (WPA)
certification to incorporate newly-developed security mechanisms so that it
remains the strongest form of protection available for Wi-Fi networking. In
2007, Matthew was a founder of the OpenSEA Alliance, a group organized to
support the development of open-source network security solutions. He currently
serves on the engineering steering committee, the organization’s board of
directors, and as its corporate secretary. Matthew’s most recent book,
802.11 Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide
( ) (O’Reilly Media), now in
its second edition, is the top selling reference work in the field and has been
translated into six languages.

About Trapeze Networks

Trapeze Networks, a Belden Brand, is a leader in enterprise wireless LAN
equipment and management software. Trapeze was the first company to introduce
NonStop Wireless - delivering unmatched reliability to the enterprise wireless
LAN and its solutions are optimized for companies requiring mobility and high
bandwidth such as healthcare, education, and hospitality. Trapeze delivers Smart
Mobile(TM) providing scalable wireless LANs for applications such as Voice over
Wi-Fi, location services, and indoor/outdoor connectivity.

SOURCE: Trapeze Networks

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