PLEASANTON, California, June 29 /PRNewswire/ --

- New LA-200E Tracks Up to 4,000 Wi-Fi Assets Including 802.11n

Trapeze Networks, a Belden brand (NYSE: BDC), today announced its new Trapeze LA-200E Location Appliance(TM), a system that quickly and continuously locates and tracks anything broadcasting a Wi-Fi signal. The Trapeze LA-200E doubles the number of clients it supports and is the first product supporting locating and tracking 802.11n clients. The LA-200E works in concert with Wi-Fi equipment from a wide variety of WLAN infrastructure providers in addition to Trapeze Networks NonStop Wireless infrastructure.

Location, Location, Location

Increased productivity and lowered costs propelled wireless networks into its position as the network of choice - whether at home or the office. And now we're beginning to see wholly new types of wireless services and location services are in the forefront of these.

Location applications fall broadly into four categories: - Location Tracking: Finding a person or valuable asset in real time - Location-based Security: Controlling network access based on the location of a client device - Asset Management: maintaining and servicing equipment inventory and maximizing utilization - Content Delivery: providing users appropriate content based on their location.

Trapeze LA-200E Location Appliance: Comprehensive and Cost Effective

Unlike every other Wi-Fi location tracking products requiring time-consuming installation of client software on every device to be tracked, the Trapeze LA-200E Location Appliance tracks and locates any Wi-Fi device, a more flexible approach and time-saving advantage. The Trapeze LA-200E Location Appliance base platform is priced at US$15,995.00 and is immediately available to all Trapeze channel partners, VARs and customers in the U.S., Asia and Europe, Middle East and Africa.

LA-200E + RF-Firewall(TM) = Perfect Perimeter Security

In conjunction with the announcement of the LA-200E, Trapeze Networks is announcing its first perimeter security product for WLANs: the RF Firewall. This combination provides a cost effective and integrated WIPS/WIDS alternative for enhanced location-based data security (See June 29, 2009 press release, Trapeze Networks RF Firewall: Location-Based WLAN Security, Perimeter Security Solution Ultimate Cyber Barrier.)

LA-200E and ActiveAsset(TM) for Comprehensive Asset Tracking and Management

Another complimentary application in the Trapeze RTLS portfolio is ActiveAsset 4.0, which was announced in April 2009. ActiveAsset is an asset tracking and management application for WLANs that enables enterprises to improve business efficiency and reduce asset management costs.

About Trapeze Networks

Trapeze Networks, a Belden Brand, is a leader in enterprise wireless LAN equipment and management software. Trapeze was the first company to introduce NonStop Wireless - delivering unmatched reliability to the enterprise wireless LAN, and its solutions are optimized for companies requiring mobility and high bandwidth such as healthcare, education, and hospitality. Trapeze delivers Smart Mobile(R) providing scalable wireless LANs for applications such as Voice over Wi-Fi, location services, and indoor/outdoor connectivity.

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