LONDON, June 22 /PRNewswire/ -- The Government's Digital Britain report has proposed a complex and probably impractical deterrent for people accessing pirated music online but online music jukebox We7 ( found that two in three (64%) consumers are only listening to and sharing music illegally online because they do not know how to do so legally.

94% of Brits say they would choose a legal music site to access their favourite tracks if it offered the same or better services than a pirate site. With that encouraging statistic, We7believes that the best way to eliminate music piracy is through education, awareness and the promotion of legal and safe online music services.

We7 wants to help consumers enjoy music across the web without fear of penalties and fines and to help teach music fans about legal streaming and sharing has introduced a fun competition called Me7 - the 7 songs that define Me!.

Steve Purdham CEO of We7 stated The best way to educate people in new ideas is to introduce the element of fun, for many people the debates surrounding music are just too complicated, they just want to listen to the music. To get people legal accessing and sharing music usage online, we felt that creating a playlist that defines your life is a great viral way to have fun, share legally and learn how easy and relevant the new emerging digital services are.

'Me7 - 7 songs that define Me' is a month-long competition with GBP7,000 in prizes to be won. The 'Me7' challenge invites everyone, from digital novices to seasoned streamers, to create a 7-song playlist of tracks that best defines their life in music - from a teenage anthem to a first dance track - the trick part will be shortlisting down to just 7 tunes!

From Wed 24th June UK users have the chance to win a prize based on how many people listen to their playlist. The Me7 competition will run for four weeks. Each week, the most played playlist will receive a GBP1,000 cash prize. At the end of the 4 week competition, the most played playlist overall will win GBP3,000!

7 steps to winning:

1) Build a Playlist of seven songs at

2) Describe track by track why the playlist defines your life in music

3) Enter your playlist into the competition from 24th June

4) Share, Share Share - use twitter, emails, social networks and share the link to your playlist and have it played as many times as you can by as many people to stand a chance of winning

5) Do this for one whole week and see if you've won

6) The winner for a weekly prize will be the person whose playlist is played the most in the week

7) The competition will produce four winners and the winner of the Grand Prize will be the one who out of the four who had the highest play count in any one week

The Me7 competition goes live from Wednesday 24th June but you can start building your playlist now at and get sharing from next week!

For further information, or to request an interview with Steve Purdham, please contact Rhiannon prince on +44(0)117-949-3394 / +44(0)7985-373098

For further information, or to request an interview with Steve Purdham, please contact Rhiannon prince on +44(0)117-949-3394 / +44(0)7985-373098,