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- KT, SK Telecom and LG Telecom join forces to provide new enhanced services for customers incorporating GSMA's Rich Communication Suite key features

The GSMA today announced that the world's first interoperable enhanced communication service incorporating key elements of the GSMA's Rich Communication Suite (RCS) specifications is now a live commercial service in South Korea. The GSMA's RCS initiative is supported by some of the world's leading handset vendors, core network vendors and mobile operators including KT, and SK Telecom, who joined the initiative to provide an interoperable service solution in South Korea.

The services offered by the three South Korean operators include KT's 'show moov', SK Telecom's 'Mobile Messenger' and LG Telecom's 'OZ messenger', and commercialise key features of RCS such as phonebook driven buddy lists, presence capability that includes taglines and status, and voice calls and messaging.

KT's 'show moov' client application is available for mobile and PC platforms, so users can access RCS services from mobile and fixed terminals, which is a key feature of the RCS specifications developed by the GSMA. Also, SK Telecom and KT are actively collaborating with fixed line services. For instance, KT 'show moov' is integrated with one of Korea's major portal's e-mail, search services and SK Telecom' s mobile messenger is linked with one of Korea's most popular messenger 'Nate On Messenger'.

We are delighted that three leading mobile operators in South Korea, KT, LG Telecom and SK Telecom, have together launched the world's first commercial service incorporating key elements of the GSMA's Rich Communication Suite, said Michael O'Hara, CMO at the GSMA. We live in a world where users want to access and share information at any time, any place and from any device, and the GSMA's RCS initiative provides operators with the ability to launch a variety of new and enhanced communication services that fulfils this need.

The GSMA's RCS initiative will provide an exciting, feature-rich portfolio of communication services that operators will be able to offer their customers. RCS unleashes the communities hidden in a user's phone book and with one simple click, the 'always on' user can share lifestyle experiences and emotions using rich content such as images and video amongst their closest 'buddies'.

Developed by the collaborative efforts of leading mobile operators, vendors and telecommunication companies, RCS service features for the end user include an 'Enhanced Address Book' with presence and capability indications, 'Rich Call' facilities to exchange different types of content during a call and 'Rich Messaging' that expands on traditional instant messaging.

SK Telecom and KT are active participants in the GSMA's RCS initiative and their newly announced, interoperable commercial services in South Korea will provide significant opportunities for feedback, which will assist the creation of new 'use cases' as the RCS specification focus moves into the PC to mobile domain.

Further announcements on RCS trials and launched commercial services are expected around the world in the coming year.

Operator quotes:

KT show moov enables easy and convenient integrated fixed and mobile communication. KT will continuously lead the market with the development of next generation communication service, said Mr. Hoonbae Kim, VP of KT Messaging Roaming Business Division.

As an early member of the RCS Initiative, SK Telecom actively participated in the process of standardization and IOT testing. Looking forward, the company will continue its proactive participation in promoting RCS services under close cooperation with other global players while fully leveraging its extensive expertise and experience in technology and service, said Jae-Woan Byun, Senior Vice President and Head of Institute of Network Technology at SK Telecom.

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