POOLE, England, January 20 /PRNewswire/ -- These comments made by Tory MP Greg Hands, referring to the GBP12,000 public sector spend on designing the NHS 60th anniversary logo, has caused outrage in the design industry and also raises questions about public sector outsourcing.

The original comments by Hands were published in The Times on 26th December, 2009. View the article here - http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/politics/article6968036.ece

Sam Allen from Zeta, the digital marketing agency (http://www.zeta.net), shares his views on the issue.

Sam believes the comments made by Hands are understandable due to Hand's lack of experience about the design industry. Many people are unaware of the long processes involved in design work, draft designs are often changed by clients several times and the amount of time taken up by meetings and editing can add up to a substantial amount, says Sam.

Sam also makes an interesting point about the tedious processes and endless bureaucracy involved in public sector processes, making it difficult to get projects started, yet alone completed.

The complicated processes that the public sector is constrained to essentially mean that it is only the big players in the design industry that can compete for public sector accounts, and these are the agencies who will charge the highest cost to complete design projects.

To resolve the issue, the public sector needs to re-assess and simplify its internal procedures that it uses to award and manage its outsourced projects. This would make it easier for smaller service providers to offer more affordable creative and marketing services to the public sector.

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