Melbourne, Florida -- Symetrics Industries, LLC announced today an award from the U.S. Army for approximately 300 Improved Data Modems (IDM) for installation on Army aircraft. The contract value will be between US$7 and US$8 million, once final negotiations are completed. The IDM-304 is the Army version of the Improved Data Modems that Symetrics has been delivering to the U.S. Air Force for over 14 years.

Symetrics President and CEO, Mitch Garner stated, "We are absolutely thrilled with this order because it demonstrates the Army's confidence in our ability to execute a long-term, high volume production effort. The IDM-304 is the cornerstone of the Army's airborne element of the Tactical Internet, and Symetrics is proud to be able to provide this critical equipment."

Symetrics has been manufacturing several versions of the IDM for over a dozen years, including a few of their own design. They started with the IDM-302 in 1993, and to this day still manufacture and provide depot repairs for that unit. The IDM-501, a Symetrics-developed product, is a flight proven design that is smaller and lighter than the IDM-302 and IDM-304, but provides virtually the same functionality. Additionally, Symetrics developed a Mini-IDM, the smallest yet in the family, which is ideally suited as a Weapons Data Link.

Symetrics believes this innovative spirit, coupled with a time-tested record of delivering quality products was the reason the Army decided to award the IDM-304 contract to them. "It's definitely an honor to be selected as the manufacturer of the largest member of the family of IDMs by the U.S. Army," said Garner. "We look forward to supplying our troops with the most advanced technology available."