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As a lifelong student of human nature, less interested in degrees than consciousness, I write about social and psychological issues relevant to our complex society. Rather than proselytize, I give you my take and information gleaned from a select group of authorities, and let you come to your own conclusions. In matters of religion, I realize that spirituality and the existence of forces larger than we is a matter each must decide on our own, I am an interested and respectful explorer of all sides. I believe that neither science nor religion can fully answer all questions but the quest leads us on great adventures. I do believe we live beyond our physical existence, therefore my topics include cultural experiences of living as a spirit in a body. I write about society, psychology, the environment, psychobiology, evolution, philosophy and ethics. I also write storybooks for children of all ages, including you, starring Mortimer, of the endangered species monogamoose. "Mortimer Loses a Friend" is available online and in bookstores and libraries. "Mortimer Finds Home is Where the Heart Still Sings" will be published in 2014.

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