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About David A physicist and artist with a very strong background through experience in art, science, and technology. His artwork includes both oil and acrylics on canvas, reliefs, construction sculpture, and kinetic art works. Self taught in computer technology, programming, and computer animation on PC, Apple MAC, Sun, and Silicon Graphics platforms. Over the past quarter century, Dr. Deak has completed over 4000 nationally and internationally exhibited works of art, including oil and acrylics on canvas, reliefs, construction sculpture, and kinetic sculpture. Self-taught in computer technology and programming, Dr. Deak is an unusual combination of an artist and a physicist-technologist whose work is infused with a wealth of knowledge stemming from his scientific and technical background. EDUCATION • BS in mathematics, University of London, England. • M.S., Imperial College & Queen Mary College London, England. • Ph.D. in physics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. He lives in NY & London, where he is active in art, theoretical physics, applied physics, inventing, and engineering. He has taught and consulted in these related fields for over thirty years. SOME ACHIEVEMENTS: In 1987, invented a device called an acoustic levitation chamber used to levitate objects confined within a resonant cavity; for the purpose of studying material behaviour without the effects of gravity. The invention and related phenomena can be used for doing studies in micro-gravity environs. In 1988, invented a personal air conditioner to be worn around the neck of a user for personal body cooling during hot and humid weather. It can be worn as a necklace or it can be inserted within clothing. In 1988 invented a computerized system for very accurate measurements of the surface topology of surface finishes of machined components in the automated machining industry. In 1989 invented an improved version of a mechanical sector medical ultrasound probe. In 1990-91, he developed computer graphic software used with computer workstations serving as a media in fine art. In 1992 he theorized an alternative method for triggering nuclear cold fusion reactions within a palladium deuteride environment using a phenomena called sonoluminescence. In addition, he orchestrated an event at the Plaza Hotel in New York City on the 24th of June 1993; this event which was a physics symposium aimed at raising awareness about this discovery. The event which he named, "THE MANHATTAN PROJECT, PART II: PEACE" included an audience of renowned scientists, artists, actors and actresses from the film industry, various media, and people from different stations in various professions all coming together to learn about recent advances in the area of cold nuclear fusion. In 1992 he theorized an approach for making holograms without using lasers. It is a computer generated technique. 1993, authored a research paper, describing the possibility of using several phenomena in physics as a novel treatment for the AIDS virus. 1993, invented a solid state pump that pumps fluids with no moving parts. This has potential use as an exact size replacement for the human heart. Other medical and general applications are seen as well. The patent was granted on this device on 26 June 1995, US Patent # 5,525,041. 1994, consulted to design and develop an invention that will locate individuals from transmitted geo-position satellites and then relay this information to a central receiving location. The personal transmitter will be fitted into to a wrist watch volume. 1994, designed a device detect, interrogate, and analyze information during labour for OBY/GYNS to evaluate and differentiate between false and true labour pains during the birthing procedure. 1994, Initiating research to develop a blue water laser as a suggested source for Visible Spectrum Tomography. 1995, in January the presentation of an invited paper at a nuclear fusion symposium held at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, paper titled: STEREOTRONIC NUCLEAR REACTIONS TRIGGERED AND SUSTAINED BY THE PHENOMENON OF SONOLUMINESCENCE GENERATING SOLITONS WITHIN A PALLADIUM LATTICE LOADED WITH DEUTERIUM. 1996, during July 29 - 31 Dr. Deak presented two scientific manuscripts entitled "An energy efficient ultrasonic momentum transfer pump" and "Sonoluminescence" at the FIRST TRABZON INTERNATIONAL ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT SYMPOSIUM to be held at the Karadeniz Technical University in Trabzon Turkey. These are invited papers. 1997 through 2000, created the following inventions: A Method For Producing Transparent Aerogel; Using A Novel Technique of Acoustophoresis for Supercritical Venting. Direct or Indirect Ultrasonic Treatment of Virus Strains and Abnormal Cells. A Threadless Bolt and Nut System With an Ultrasonic Applicator Tool. Phonon Injection in High Temperature Superconductors: For Increasing TC, The Temperature Gradient for Cooper Pairing In Various Superconductors. A Smart Pressure Sensitive Piezoelectric Spark Plug. An Microprocessor Controlled Variable Ultrasonic Assist Device For Improving The Performance of Catalytic Converters. An Ultrasonic Fuel Injection System With Ultrasonic Air Intake Mixing Capabilities For Highly Efficient Fuel Injected Combustion. An Aerogel Super High Capacity Battery. A Novel Piezoelectric Loudspeaker System. An Ultrasonic Phase Pump. White Or Coloured Sonoluminescent Light Device. A novel Piezoelectric Transducer Spring Device. An Ultrasonic Polishing Device For The Consumer Market. A Piezoelectric Pump and Valve System. Aerogel insulation housing for batteries. ART EXHIBITIONS A list of art exhibit participation include: 1965 Group show in London, England. 1967 Group showing at the University of Copenhagen. 1991, in April, presented a paper at the THIRD BIENNIAL ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY SYMPOSIUM held at Connecticut College in New London titled "New Methods in Fine Art Employing Intuitive Techniques of Computer Visualization, or Art is....!" and had computer assisted works of art on display in the Cummins Art Center on campus. 1991, October solo exhibition of past and more currents works in the Sloane Gallery at Lockhaven University, Lockhaven, PA. 1992, April, moved to Manhattan taking up permanent residence. In May, had his first New York City solo exhibition in Soho at the Stricoff Art Gallery, Greene Street, titled "EYE CANDY"......the show consisted of 25 pieces of his computer assisted works. 1992, December, commissioned by the new Cover Girl Make Up model Niki Taylor to do a solo exhibition of works her and her sister Krissy. The title of the exhibition was "Sisters." 1993, November, group show, Z Gallery, Soho, NYC. A one piece entry titled, "BLACKWATCH." 1993, December, solo exhibition titled "CAUTION: CREATIVE INTERFERENCE," held at the Z Gallery in Soho, New York City. 1994, October, Group Show of Artists’ Initiative, NYU Law School Gallery 1995, December Artists’ Initiative Annual Group Show, Artists’ Initiative Gallery, TRIBECA. 1996, February, 39_ Gallery, NYC solo exhibition based on the Steve Martin hit comedy, Picasso at the Lapin Agile. 1996, December, solo exhibition titled, "A Shadow of Things to Come." Held at the Studio 64 Gallery Chelsea Pier Complex Chelsea. 1 November thru 30 November 1997, five paintings exhibited in SoHo as part of a group showing titled "The Real Artists of SoHo." 8 January thru 29 January 2000, Solo exhibition in The Coffey Gallery, Kingston, NY titles, "Spiritual Gates of The Millennium." 2004-2007 BWAC (Brooklyn Waterfront Artist’s Coalition) participation in 3 BWAC art exhibitions. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 19 October-19 November 1994, NYU Law School art exhibition, group show. 11 October, 1994; lecture and demonstration of "The Acoustic Levitation Chamber" at Cooper Union, Astor Place, NYC. 16 November, 1994; first lecture of a series on art and technology, given at the New York School of Visual Arts. 21st., July 1996: Guest lecturer at Cambridge University, Cambridge, England. Lecture title: "On a Theory of Enhanced Sonoluminescence of a Single Vapour Cavity Within Micro Light Water Droplet, Stimulated by an Amplitude Modulated YAG Laser." 23rd, July 1996: Guest lecturer at the University of Dundee, Dundee, Scotland: Lecture title: "A Novel Treatment for Viruses and Cancer Cells Using Quantum Ballistic Squeezed Phonons." 28 to 31 July Presenting two invited papers at the Trabzon International Energy and Environment Sysposium, held at the Karadeniz Technical University, Trabzon, Turkey. The paper titles are (1) "Applications for an Ultrasonic Levitation Chamber." (2) "On The Theory and application of an Ultrasonic Momentum Transfer Pump With No Moving Parts." 6 August 1996, Guest Lecturer at the University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany: Title: "Sonoluminescence Stimulation in A Deuterium Enriched Light Water Droplet Ultrasonically Levitated and Energy Enhanced by An Broadband Amplitude Modulated YAG Laser." April 12 thru 18 1998, Lecture at Harvard Medical School. Lecturing on "A Novel Method of Killing The AIDS virus and viruses in General Using Very High Frequency Ballistic Phonons." Patent applied for. June 1998, Lecture series at the University of Athens, Athens, Greece on "Sonoluminescence and Its Potential Use As A Blue Water LASER." Spring and summer of 1999, lived and lectured in the Ukraine, in the cities of Odessa and Kiev, on quantum physics. 2003 and Presently, CEO and founder of DEAK Energies, Inc. Brooklyn, NY. A high technology company formed to develop and market, the many inventions of Dr. Deak. Three products are: A solid state piezoelectric fluid pump, and a battery-less/wireless electrical switch, and an AC-LED light engine. The following patrons own artwork by Dr. Deak: Nikki Taylor, fashion model Madonna, Singer/actress Ben Gazzara. Actor/producer/director Mary McFadden, New York fashion designer. Norma Kamali, NY fashion designer. Todd Oldham, New York fashion designer. Sandy Gallin, Film producer. Dolly Parton, Singer-actress. Robert DeNiro, Actor. The late Leo Castelli, Art dealer-collector. Andy McDowell, Actress. Dennis Hopper, Actor. Dr. Julian Schwinger, U.C.L.A. (1965 Nobel Laurate), Late Physicist. The late Dr. Arthur C. Clarke, British author, personal friend and colleague. Steve Martin, Comedian, actor, playwright, contemporary art collector. Geoffrey Holder, Actor. Kevin Kline, Movie Actor Sir Roger Moore, CBE, Actor BIBLIOGRAPHY June 1995, INFINITE ENERGY magazine, author Dr. David Deak, titled: "Frequency multiplication and its possible role in nuclear fusion reactions of various states." During July of 1996 he traveled to Trabzon Turkey to give two invited scientific papers for the Trabzon International Energy and Environment Symposium to be held at Karadeniz Technical University, Trabzon, Turkey. The symposium is organized by the Karadeniz Technical University, University of Victoria (British Columbia), University of Miami and Istanbul Technical University. October 1996, Infinite Energy Journal. 1. "An energy efficient ultrasonic solid state fluid pump." 2. "Sonoluminescence as a possible triggering source for stereotronic nuclear reactions." 3. March 1995, COLD FUSION magazine, author Dr. David Deak, titled: "Quantum Oscillations of The Coulomb Barrier Within A Deuterium Loaded Palladium Lattice." 4. January 1995, COLD FUSION magazine, author Dr. David Deak, titled: "Theory and Design Concepts of Ultrasonic Sources." 5. December 1994, COLD FUSION magazine, author Dr. David Deak, titled: "Sonoluminescence." 6. July 1994, COLD FUSION magazine, author, Dr. David Deak, titled: "We Now Have New Physics." 7. July 1994, New York Press, author David Lindsay, "Acoustic Pump Invention." 8. November 1993, New York Press, author David Lindsay, "Suspending Belief, Pumping It Up, Other Sound Ideas." 9. June 1992, IRIS Universe Magazine, author Paulina Borsook, "Candy for your Eyes." 10. April 1992, Computer Graphics World, author Diana Phillips Mahoney, "Wearing His Art on His Sleeve." 11. Sun World, June 1991, "A SPARC ARTIST." 12. Sun World Japan, August 1991, "Computer Art, Contemporary Art!" 13. One technical book written titled "Quantum Oscillations and Waves."
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