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Deconstructing Obesity
About Ignatius The best of these posts has been developed into a book entitled What Is Fat For? Now available, on Amazon as ebook,with print and audio, read by yours truly, coming very soon. Much additional material and research brings this to a complete discussion of where obesity comes from and where it is going. I am a physician currently working with Veterans in Iowa City, IA. My MD came from the University of Colorado. Masters in Public Health and Residency in Occupational/Preventive Medicine from the University of Iowa. I've been an occupational physician, a company doc, a wellness director, a quality improvement director, a team doctor for hockey and football, a ringside physician for boxing and MMA matches (can't recommend it), and most recently, a bariatrician (if such a thing can be said to exist). Unlike many other weight loss doctors, I come fully equipped with mitochondria (Thanks Mom) and recall what their function is (Thank you Dr. Krebs). This is to say, I do not believe that there are any bad foods, or that any particular diet philosophy will reverse obesity. What is interesting for me in obesity medicine, is the research that examines why weight loss is impossible. I write about metabolism, exercise, food and risk. I've published exactly one peer reviewed paper: My other blog:
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