Many thanks to Dennis for linking, from the NYT site, an article I wrote one year ago to comment a crackpotty paper by an otherwise esteemed scientist.
The essay just appeared on the New York Times site is excellent, as always with Overbye, but it is also way more balanced than my rather vitriolic attack on the theory of backward causation and, in particular, the idea that one should use the Large Hadron Collider to test it by deciding to run or not to run based on the turn of a card.
I do not have much to say one year after the fact, but since I honestly believe my early piece is worth a read, I invite you there directly (or you may reach the piece from the NYT one). Happy reading.

Update: Peter Woit discusses the issue here, and he criticizes (not without reason, in hindsight) the possibilistic stand that Overbye has taken on the matter.