This just in: Berlusconi is not above the law. In a reassuring sentence the judges of the Italian "Consulta" of the constitutional court have ruled today that the "Lodo Alfano", a law strongly wanted by Berlusconi himself, is in conflict with the Italian Constitution where the latter says that citizens are equal in their rights and for the Law. 

The "Lodo Alfano", named after one of Silvio's lacqueys who wrote it under dictation,  is a law which was recently passed with the votes of the center-right parties. It prevents the Italian President, the Prime Minister, and the Chairs of the two parliament chambers to be investigated and tried. A handy privilege for Berlusconi, who would have otherwise had to answer charges of corruption in a case which already condemned the corrupted lawyer, the Englishman Mills. 

Now that the Consulta has deemed inconstitutional the Lodo Alfano, the trials can proceed, and it is not hard to predict what the logical outcome of those trials should be. If Mills is guilty of having received money for giving false testimony to protect Berlusconi's interests, and was convicted for it, guess what could be the conclusion for Berlusconi.

Today is a bright day for Italy, which still has a few functional, albeit weak, antibodies against a virus that threatens to turn it into an authoritary regime. Needless to say, the judges of the Consulta were immediately called "communists" by Berlusconi and his aides. Umberto Bossi, the historic leader of Lega Nord and a long-time ally of Berlusconi, threatened a civil war yesterday in case the Consulta canceled the Lodo Alfano. I wonder what will happen next.

In the meantime, Berlusconi claims he "will go forward". I hope he forwards with straight pace toward a prison. These are tough times for him: a divorce in the making, trouble getting escorts or underage girls, and the loss in a civil trial just a few days ago, which forces him to pay 750 million euros to one of his arch-enemies. In the latter case, the sentence just assessed the damage caused by the corruption of judges who many years ago ruled in the interest of Berlusconi in the acquisition of Mondadori, a large media company. A cause between private citizens, for the reparation of a economical damage, is also being called "political" by Berlusconi's lacqueys. These people have no shame, but this time they ended up on the wrong side of the dildo.