Swamped by my course of Subnuclear Gauge Physics, I have little time left to surf the web and keep an eye on what happens in the blogs I usually visit. Nevertheless, today is Saturday and I have allowed myself a short tour. Below is a list of the most interesting things I have read.

  • First of all, there's an interesting new blog out there, with experimental particle physics explained to laymen. The language is not English, but it is a language you should learn, too.

  • Peter Woit has news about the Bogdanovs. The whole story is just fascinating - the two brothers are certified cranks, but they for sure have other skills beyond theoretical physics. Follow the developments there. 

  • Marni Dee Sheppeard puts forth a remarkably simple diagram to compute quark masses.

  • Ed Darrell reports on the war on Malaria, making some interesting points on DDT use.

  • Jester discusses a new hypothesis according to which the Standard Model of particle physics, with all its shortcomings, might well be the theory without any need for extensions and embellishments. Interesting idea!