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Can An Unstable Vacuum Drive The Expansion Of The Universe?

Is the expansion of the Universe a natural effect due to the internal dynamical properties of the...

Matter Can Potentially Accelerate The Expansion Of The Universe

How well established are current cosmological dogmas? What do we really know about the fundamental...

Henri Poincaré Predicted The Existence Of Gravitational Waves As Early As June 5, 1905

In recent releases announcing the forthcoming publication of new results on the detection of gravitational...

Superbradyonic Vacuum And Quantum Entanglement

I was at the ICNFP 2015 Conference, spending two nights to prepare updated versions of two posters...

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Staff researcher at CNRS (France) in 1972-2013. Now leading the Cosmology Laboratory of the John Naisbitt University (Belgrade and Paris). For my work since 1995, see : Read More »

Relativity is by itself a very cross-disciplinary subject. Not only from the point view of Physics, Mathematics, Astrophysics, Philosophy... but also from that of Ethics, History and other Social Sciences.

For instance, why there has been no Nobel Prize awarded for the theory of relativity ? If Albert Einstein got the Nobel Prize in 1921, no mention of relativity was made :